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???Cosmetic Harmony goes Global??? PowerPoint Presentation
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???Cosmetic Harmony goes Global???

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???Cosmetic Harmony goes Global???
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???Cosmetic Harmony goes Global???

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  1. “Cosmetic Harmony goes Global” • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/

  2. Cosmetic Harmony is a medical tourism company which provides all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures for the clients across the globe. “We are very proud to announce that we are in process of hiring 5 more plastic surgeons to include in our medical team. We currently have 5 surgeons that do the large influx of business. Due to the increasing customer base, we are in need of more surgeons who can assist us. This is actually happening over 1 year sooner than expected”, rejoices Anthony Giudice, Vice President of Sales of Cosmetic Harmony. Anthony Giudice • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/

  3. Cosmetic surgeries have become more popular and diversified than ever. The diversity of operations allows most parts of the body to be altered to obtain the desired effect. If this can be done at a reasonable price then who will not opt for it? This is the main reason for the popularity of the term ‘medical-tourism’. Countries that offer surgeries at discounts and lower costs are called as ‘medical-tourism destinations’. Some of the top destinations are Colombia, India, Mexico, and many others. • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/

  4. Cosmetic surgeries performed by their skilled surgeons have gifted Cosmetic Harmony with the expertise of treating and satisfying the Patients with the look they want. It has grown enough to be a global company doing surgeries for patients from every continent in the world. As cosmetic harmony is based in Bogota, capital city of Colombia, it enjoys many advantages. The cost of labor and medical facilities in Colombia is very low and Cosmetic Harmony is able to hire the skilled and world-class plastic surgeons at a low cost ultimately reducing the rates charged for the surgeries. • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/

  5. “We have qualified professional surgeons and are well-equipped with all medical and health-care facilities which make us the best in the medical tourism industry. Medical tourism is a good combination of healthcare and wellness along with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating a person mentally, physically and emotionally. Colombia is becoming famous for its cosmetic surgeries. Doctors are trained and certified by quality Colombian institutions. Another advantage for cosmetic surgeries in Colombia is all the other fun and exciting activities that it has to offer”, says Anthony Giudice. • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/

  6. Cosmetic Harmony, headquartered in Colombia, is a medical tourism company which specializes in the complete cosmetic surgery packages, including cosmetic procedures, travel, accommodations, transportation to medical appointments, a bilingual personal assistant and medications. Cosmetic Harmony prides itself of continuity of care and a personalized experience. Cosmetic Harmony uses only FDA-approved materials. For more information on Cosmetic Harmony’s Combo Procedures, visit http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/ Cosmetic Harmony's Affiliate program, http://affiliates.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/Login.aspx Contact: Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor 305.726.0527 • Cosmetic Harmony: http://www.affordableplasticcosmeticsurgeryincolombia.com/