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Technology and Education

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Technology and Education. Latoya Anderson Walden University Dr. Sherri Braxton- Lieber EDUC 4015 Captsone. EDUC 3009: Technology and Education Program Outcome. Demonstrate an ability to use digital technologies in professional communication, collaboration, and problem-solving

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technology and education

Technology and Education

Latoya Anderson

Walden University

Dr. Sherri Braxton-Lieber

EDUC 4015 Captsone

educ 3009 technology and education program outcome
EDUC 3009: Technology and EducationProgram Outcome
  • Demonstrate an ability to use digital technologies in professional communication, collaboration, and problem-solving
  • As a Training and Development Specialist it is important to understand current technology and display a level of proficiency in
    • Microsoft office
      • Power Point, MS Word, Excel, Access
    • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
    • Web 2.0 tools
project wk 6
Project Wk 6
  • A lesson plan that incorporated the use of technology in the classroom.
  • Two sources of technology
    • Video
      • You Tube
    • Virtual Classroom
      • Guided practice and area of reference

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An understanding of technology and education is necessary when transferring skills into employment in the 21st century for many different reasons. Which of my learned skills is most beneficial to becoming a Training and Development Specialist?

Web 2.0 tools

Software knowledge

ADA Compliance


Answer Key 

wrong answer web 2 0 skills
WRONG ANSWERWeb 2.0 Skills
  • Job Requirement
    • Understanding adult learning
    • Creating curriculum and lesson plans
  • Our society is no longer teaching individuals how to learn, we are learning in groups.
  • While this skill is an added bonus, it is not the only expertise area needed when completing training.
  • Understanding technology
    • In some cases the entry is complete when the arguing of that particular case is over.
      • Wikipedia
      • Blogs
      • Social networking

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wrong answer software knowledge
WRONG ANSWERSoftware Knowledge
  • Job Requirement:
    • Working knowledge of training tools and various multimedia technology. (1).
  • Understanding how to utilize different software systems can be beneficial, but is merely one technological advance.
  • Programming Software
    • Compilers
  • Systems Software
    • Operating Systems
    • Device Drivers
  • Application Software
    • MS Word, Power Point, Access, Excel

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wrong answer americans with disability act
WRONG ANSWERAmericans with Disability Act
  • Job requirement
    • Creating training materials that can be used as visual guides (3).
  • In regards to communicating with persons with disabilities.
  • Meeting training needs:
    • Developing readers
    • Large print
    • Audio files
  • Understanding the necessities of being ADA compliant are extremely important when training different individuals. Ensuring equal opportunity for those with disabilities!

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wrong answer working in groups
WRONG ANSWERWorking in groups

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  • Job Requirement
    • Collaborate with all departments to gain knowledge of work situations requiring training, and involve creating pro-active and responsive solutions to business needs and seizing opportunities for continuous improvement in individual, team, business unit and organizational performance (2).
  • Building knowledge together and solving problems
  • Creating wiki spaces in which people are collaborating different ideas and concepts in order to think critically
  • The use of these different technological tools can assist with collaborating
    • Phones
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • Web conferences
    • Online document sharing
classroom transfer to job skills
Classroom transfer to Job Skills
  • Congratulations, you have just experienced an in depth understanding of how the use of technology supports learning and an enhanced skill due to understanding how to incorporate technology in education.
  • Answer: Either skill can be viewed as most beneficial. It is up to the trainer to ensure that they are knowledgeable in all areas and research the areas in which they can obtain more familiarity. Thank you for your participation in this exercise.
  • Job Requirement
    • Good analytical and problem solving skills (2).
  • While this presentation was geared to represent the correlation between Technology and Education program outcome, I was able to create a learning environment to display an additional skill.
  • EDUC 3009 Technology and Education Program Outcome:
    • Demonstrate an ability to use digital technologies in professional communication, collaboration, and problem-solving
  • In this exercise, I transferred my current knowledge and skills into a presentation while creating a learning environment through a short game.
learning transferred to job skills
Learning transferred to Job Skills
  • This learning environment has prepared me by assisting with the development of curriculum with the use of current technology.
  • Assisted with the display of technology through assessments, gaming simulations, and tracking systems.
  • New and innovative ways of engaging the learner with the use of technology that collaborates with other trainers.
  • 1. Community Living Alliance (n.d.) Training and Development Specialist
  • 2. Life’s Good (n.d.) Training and Development Specialist
  • 3. S. Nolan (personal communication, January 16, 2012)