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Strategic objectives addressed:

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Man-induced Environmental Risks: Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in Siberia Enviro–RISKS 3 years EC 6FP INCO Co-ordination Action. Strategic objectives addressed:.

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Man-induced Environmental Risks: Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in SiberiaEnviro–RISKS3 yearsEC 6FP INCOCo-ordination Action

strategic objectives addressed
Strategic objectives addressed:

Strategic objective of the project is to facilitate elaboration of solid scientific background and understanding of man-made associated environmental risks, their influence on all aspects of regional environment and optimal ways for it remediation by means of coordinated initiatives of a range of relevant RTD projects as well as to achieve improved integration of the European research giving the projects additional synergy in current and future activities and potential for practical applications.

partners and pis
Partners and PIs:
  • Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Alexander Baklanov – Project co-ordinator
  • Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training (SCERT), Evgueni Gordov - co-ordination of NIS partner’s activity
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena (MPI), Martin Heimann
  • The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Anatoly Shvidenko
  • Institute for Numerical Mathematics of Russian academy of Sciences (INM), Vasily Lykosov
  • Institute of Forest SB RAS (IF), Krasnoyarsk, Alexander Onuchin
  • National Center for Radio Electronics and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NC REC), KazGeoCosmos - Edige Zakarin
  • Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies (URIIT), Petr Pushistov
  • Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS (IMCES), Michael Kabanov
  • Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS (ICMMG), Novosibirsk, Vladimir Penenko.

[1] Workpackage number: WP 1 – WP n.

[2] Number of the contractor leading the work in this workpackage.

assignment to themes under consideration
Assignment to themes under consideration:
  • Observations (incl. Forest cutting, forest fires, flambeau lights and environment state monitoring)– MPI for Bio-geochemistry, IIASA, Institute of Forest SB RAS, National Center of Radioelectronics and Communication, Institute of monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS and Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies;
  • Modeling – Danish Meteorological Institute, Siberian Center for Environmental Research and Training, Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS;
  • Hydrologic processes - INM, Institute of Forest SB RAS (Krasnoyarsk) and URIIT;
  • Atmospheric Processes (including transport and deposition) – DMI, SCERT, INM, ICMMG, NC REC;
  • Supporting information-computational technologies (GIS, Web, Databases and GRID) – SCERT, IAASA, INM, IF, NC REC, IMCES, URIIT;
  • Remidiation technologies - IF, NC REC, URIIT, IMCES.
main questions to discuss
Main questions to discuss:
  • Project start time (April, June, September ?)
  • Kick-off Meeting (time and place)
  • Main focuses of the project research
  • National/European projects involved
  • Ideas for the 1st and 2nd workshops
  • Student exchange and topics
  • Practical outputs, practical applications
  • ???

Preliminary List of projects

  • FUMAPEX (Integrated Systems for Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure)
  • SIBERIA 2 –IIASA and IF are key performers of the Project.
  • Terrestrial Carbon Observing System – Siberia. (TCOS-Siberia) (coordinated by MPI for Bio-geochemistry
  • ISIREMM: Integrated System for Intelligent Regional Environmental Monitoring & Management. Prof. E.Gordov, ICMMG, IMCES, SCERT and NC REC.
          • ENVIROMIS-SSA (Environmental Observations, Modelling and Information Systems Special Support Action, INCO FP6) Co-ordinator SCERT, CLEAR cluster of European Air Quality Research, including 9 EU FP5 Projects (ATREUS, BOND, FUMAPEX, INTEGAIRE, ISHTAR, OSCAR, SAPPHIRE, URBAN AEROSOL, URBAN EXPOSURE).
          • NARP ARCTIC RISK Project “Atmospheric Transport Pathways, Vulnerability and Possible Accidental Consequences from the Nuclear Risk Sites in the European Arctic (multidisciplinary network studies)” of the Nordic Arctic Research Programme (co-ordinated by DMI,
          • ATMOS: Web Portal on Atmospheric Environment (Prof. E. Gordov coordinates NIS Teams activity). SCERT, ICMMG, INM, IMCES.“Modelling and parameterisation of the ’air-vegetation-snow-soil’ system, including special aspects of the permafrost degradation”, INM, Prof. V. Lykosov
  • Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP), Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP). INM
  • “Siberian Geosphere – Biosphere Program: integrated regional study of contemporary natural and climatic changes” (SGBP) Initiated by SCERT and Co-ordinated by IMCES (Prof. M. Kabanov), also ICMMG, IF, INM and URIIT.
  • «Complex Monitoring of Great Vasyugan Bog: modern state and developement processes research» (GVB). (Co-ordinatedby IMCES, Prof. M. Kabanov)
  • «Ecological Problems of Siberian Cities» (Co-ordinator ICMMG, Prof V. Peneko).
  • «Research of natural and socioeconomic processes dynamics in the interests of education for sustainable devepopment», SCERT, IMCES and INM.
  • Mathematical modeling of consequences of catastrophic high temperature releases of pollutants (ICMMG, Leader Prof. V. Penenko). Republic of KazakhstanProject Creation and development of geoinformation technologies for the decision support in exploring and transportation of hydrocarbons, including the Kazakhstan part of Caspian sea.NC REC.
  • Development of the models and methods for revealing and studying the regions of increased ecological risk taking Siberian region as an example (ICMMG, leader Prof. V. Penenko).
  • Methods and models for studying and forecasting changes in environment (ICMMG, Prof. V. Penenko)
  • Khanty-Mansiiskii National District Government Project Development of hardware and software complex for high resolution space information receiving and processing, including space information archiving and dissemination, URIIT
  • Development of GIS estimation of flooding and fire situation on the territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug for decision making system support of Emergency Center.
  • Study of flambeau lights and petroleum releases on air and water quality and soil state (INM, Prof. V. Lykosov)
  • Joint with U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Project Modeling and monitoring effects of area burn and fire severity on carbon cycling emission, and forest health and sustainability in Central Siberia. IF
  • Central Siberian sustainable forest management. IF
  • Creation of geoinformation database (GDB) for the area of pipe line "Uzen-Aktau”.NC REC is sole performer.
  • KazGeoCosmoscontract Geoinformation modeling of territorial ecological processes for North part of Caspian sea. NC REC is sole performer.
  • Company Ugansknefegas Project Remediation of oily lands. URIIT and Monitoring Enterprise perform gathering of oil components, bio processins anf growing plants.
  • Company Ugansknefegas Project Remediation of cuttings storages. URIIT and Monitoring Enterprise perform pumping out of liquid components and processing of cuttings, and improve relief.
  • Company Ugansknefegas Project Bio-cleaning of surface water. URIIT and Monitoring Enterprise perform cleaning of suface water from oil components.
  • Company Ugansknefegas Project Processing of drilling cuttings. URIIT and Monitoring Enterprise perform processing of drilling cuttings to get a material for road construction
list of nis postgraduates planned to be included into exchange program within ca

Grishaev M.M.

Kozodoev A.


Ahlestin A.


Obidenkova S.V.

Rusakov A.S.

Uvarov N.V.

Stepanenko V.M.


Danilova I.V.

Korshunikova N.N.



Iskakov I.A.


Yavoruk S.A.

Rodionova I.V.


Averkin D.E.

Baldetskii V.V,

Krymova E.V.

Rubtsova M.G.

Shatokhina E.V.


Pozdnyakova N.S.

Boyarshinova E.A.

Rudometov A.S.

Chernova A.B.

Volkov K.V.

Safin R.F.

List of NIS postgraduates planned to be included into exchange program within CA