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Managing Project Stakeholders PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Project Stakeholders

Managing Project Stakeholders

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Managing Project Stakeholders

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  1. Managing Project Stakeholders

  2. Who are these Stakeholders? simple definition: examples include: Anyone who will be affected by the project or its outcome, or who can affect the project • Customers who have commissioned the work, and who will be benefiting from the outcome • Senior management in the organisation, who will be planning on the achievement of benefits • users who will be using the end product • Team members • suppliers who are providing specialist resources or goods and services

  3. When to manage stakeholders Initial Stakeholder Identification Detailed Stakeholder Planning Stakeholder Plan Execution Initiate Plan Final Stakeholder Acceptances Execute Control Close

  4. How to identify stakeholders start with the project definition documents, and list customers, users, suppliers Add on senior management Initial Stakeholders Execution Stakeholders • add on internal suppliers, team members, internal line management • then add on the ‘inspectors’

  5. Stakeholder Assessment • Net Benefits • Should Champion the project • but must be aware of the implications for others, and use their influence • Collaborators Benefits but… Will be positive about benefits but concerned over changes needed – must ensure sufficient enabling changes are identified to offset any resistance Compromisers Net DisBenefit Likely to resist changes – must ensure all aspects of resistance dealt with by enabling projects Resistors Few Benefits but… Must be kept supportive by removing any inertia or apathy that may influence others Accommodators high Benefits Received low Changes Required low high

  6. Stakeholder Analysis and Actions - 1 C R C R C R C R Stakeholder Benefits Changes Perceived Group Perceived Needed Resistance Commitment (Current and Required) anti none allow help make From the map

  7. Stakeholder Analysis and Actions - 2 C R C R C R C R Stakeholder Benefits Changes Perceived Group Perceived Needed Resistance Commitment (Current and Required) anti none allow help make Is this a new Enabling Change Project? Forget it!

  8. What ‘mobilises’ stakeholders? what is in the project for them? what could they gain or lose? why should they help you? Passive Active Decisions Operations Website, newsletter Progress meetings, roadshows Milestones Project tasks, documentation, training, testing • Information • Involvement

  9. Stakeholder Management – Possible Activities 1000 How many people do we want to reach? 100 10 How deeply do we want to engage with them? Engage Inform Influence Involve Explain

  10. Stakeholder Management – Possible Activities Success Stories Company Newsletter Video Email Newsletter 1000 Staff Circular Project Newsletter Discussion Forum Permanent Display Project Website Interactive event Adverts FAQs 100 Management Cascade Town Hall Meetings Display Boards Panel Discussion Training Kick-Off Meeting Senior Mgt Involvement Notice Boards Management Breakfast 10 Letters to Individuals Mentoring Face-to-face Mtgs Coaching Engage Inform Influence Involve Explain

  11. Planning and Documentation Stakeholder name Stakeholder impact desires actions High, Medium, Low What they might want from your project How you could deliver it