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Visual RHETORIC PRESENTATION. Pedigree Dentastix by: Mallory Bridgman. Background Information. The purpose of this a dvertisement is to persuade p et owners to buy Dentastix t o eliminate bad breath. Fabrizio Russo, Rossana Tocchi, and Mara Rizzetto all designed this

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Visual rhetoric presentation


Pedigree Dentastix by: Mallory Bridgman

Background information
Background Information

  • The purpose of this

  • advertisement is to persuade

  • pet owners to buy Dentastix

  • to eliminate bad breath.

  • Fabrizio Russo,

  • Rossana Tocchi, and Mara

  • Rizzetto all designed this

  • advertisement for Pedigree.

  • The advertisement was

  • published by Mars,

  • Incorporated and TBWA Milan

  • advertising companies.

  • This advertisement was created in December 2008 for Pedigree Dentastix.


Who was the intended audience

of this advertisement?


The intended audience for this advertisement would

be pet owners. More specifically, pet owners whose pets

have bad breath.

Point of view intention
Point of View/Intention

What is the point of

view in this


What were the artist’s

intentions while

creating this


Point of view intention1
Point of View/Intention

  • The point of view in this

  • advertisement would be

  • whoever is viewing the

  • advertisement. You are

  • seeing what someone who

  • happened upon this scene

  • would be seeing. The point

  • of view is first-person.

  • The artist’s intentions were to make the dog and the bird the focus of the ad. The

  • background is blurry and you cannot make out what is behind the two animals. The

  • artist wanted you to only see the animals because that is the only important part of the

  • ad. The artist also intended for the advertisement to be humorous.

Techniques composition factors
Techniques/Composition Factors

What techniques were used in this advertisement to make the

advertisement more effective?

Techniques composition factors1
Techniques/Composition Factors

  • The artist used many artistic

  • techniques while creating this

  • advertisement.

  • The light is soft and helps

  • bring the focus to the two

  • animals.

  • The two animals are

  • clearly in focus and the

  • background is blurred.

  • The two animals are vibrant

  • in color, but the background is dull and gray.

  • The vantage point of the photograph would be somewhere behind the bird’s cage,

  • facing the dog.

  • The photographed is balanced, but the dominant point of the photograph would be

  • the dogs mouth, which puts emphasis on the purpose, which is dog’s having bad breath

  • and it being prevented by Dentastix.


Does this advertisement appeal to logos, ethos, or pathos?


  • The advertisement appeals

  • to pathos because it is humorous.

  • it appeals to your feelings about

  • your dogs having bad breath too,

  • which are probably not good

  • emotions. This would make you

  • want to buy these Dentastix.

  • This advertisement appeals to ethos

  • because the product is made by Pedigree.

  • pedigree is known for making dog products

  • for years. This makes Pedigree and

  • therefore, the advertisement, credible.

  • This advertisement does

  • not really appeal to logos.

  • It is a light-hearted

  • advertisement and uses no

  • statistics or facts to try

  • and be persuasive.

Works cited
Works Cited

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