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Mastering eLearning Challenges PowerPoint Presentation
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Mastering eLearning Challenges

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Mastering eLearning Challenges
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Mastering eLearning Challenges

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  1. Mastering eLearning Challenges

  2. Next Generation One-on-One Learning & Knowledge Sharing Mastering Collective Intelligence

  3. THE REAL GLOBAL CHALLENGE IN 21st CENTURY • Great performers are scarceAverage or below average performers are in abundanceHow to convert poor performers into Great performers • is the challenge we face in Knowledge Economy of 21st Century

  4. How do we address the Challenge? Make Average Learners Great by superior training methods and continuous learning

  5. Learning Challenges • Numerous studies suggest two critical elements for effective learning: • Experiential immersion: hear, see, and do • One-on-one Learning • Bloom’s Two Sigma Problem…Studies suggest that One-on-One Learning Achievement Is Better than group instruction achievement by 2 Standard Deviations. 2s One Teacher: 30 Students Tutored Students 1:1 1s Classroom Students Two Sigma Problem

  6. The Cone of Learning

  7. Experiential immersion 1st Critical element for effective learning hear, see, and do Content focused approach. Let us analyze…

  8. Learning Limitations of Today Content Focus of eLearning World

  9. One-on-one Learning 2nd Critical element for effective learning Context focused approach. Let us analyze…

  10. 10th Standard Math book is sold at less than $5 BUT One-on-One tutoring in the same subject is $100 per hour! Value increases with increase in context or increase in personalization in Knowledge Delivery

  11. Learning Limitations of Today Struggle of Brick & Mortar Learning World Context

  12. Learning Limitations of TodayThe Great Divide Scalable BUT Low Value Creation Content Focus of eLearning World Struggle of Brick & Mortar Learning World Un-Scalable BUT High Value Creation Context

  13. i2k’s breakthrough eTeacher Dynamic Mind of eTeacher runs on some very special algorithms that impart intelligence to the system, same as human mind

  14. Selected Alterable Variables That Influence Learner Achievement & eTeacher *The percentile indicates the percentile at which the "average" student would typically score if he/she received this treatment instead of "traditional" instruction. (Ordinarily, the "average" student would score at the 50th percentile.) (Adapted from Walberg, 1984)

  15. StudyDesk - Learner One-on-One Training Participation Tools Adaptive Time Allocation Managed through Dedicated StudyDesk for each learner Hotline – Provides Reinforcement and Corrective Feedback at any given time to each User

  16. StudyDesk– Tutorial Instruction

  17. StudyDesk – Reinforcement/Cues and Explanations

  18. StudyDesk– Corrective Feedback

  19. StudyDesk – Cooperative learning

  20. WorkDesk– Trainer tools for One-on-One Training WorkDesk – Provides tools for Reinforcement, Corrective Feedback, Participation Tools which trainer can use to scale up

  21. WorkDesk – Training Administration

  22. WorkDesk – Birds (Group) view of training progress at any time during training

  23. WorkDesk – Worms (Individual’s) view of training progress at any time during training

  24. eTeacherUndivided Learning Experience eTeaching Learner CentricCost Effective, Scalable, High Value Learning

  25. eTeacherMaking Learner go up the performance ladder

  26. ZenMaster Connects eTeacher to huge information repository - Crawl the Internet for PERSONALIZED Information

  27. ZenStar Power eTeacher with Collective Intelligence

  28. ContactAtul Nigam ( i2K Solutions