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Capacity Development Results Framework

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Capacity Development Results Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capacity Development Results Framework A results-oriented framework that provides a systematic and strategic approach to capacity development programs. Strategic – Highlight strategic importance of learning for results instead of individual skill-building

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Capacity Development Results Framework

A results-oriented framework that provides a systematic and strategic approach to capacity development programs

Strategic– Highlight strategicimportance of learning for results instead of individual skill-building

Results– Provide evidence of aid effectiveness by focusing on results throughout the program cycle and harmonizing monitoring and evaluation practices

Comparability – Determine what works and what does not work across programs through consistent metrics and performance indicators

Sustainability – Inclusively engage stakeholders throughout program cycle to ensure local ownership and sustainable development

Learning – Institute common terminology and mechanisms for exchange that support a community of practice


Why a New Results Framework?

capacity for results
Capacity is the availability of resources and the efficiency and effectiveness with which these resources are deployed to identify and pursue society’s development goals on a sustainable basis

The efficiency of and effectiveness of resource use and sustainability (at the heart of capacity):

Depend on characteristics of the sociopolitical environment, policy instruments and organizational arrangements that condition behavior of political and economic actors

Point to the importance of local ownership

Capacity for Results
diagram of framework
Diagram of Framework

Capacity for Achieving a Development Goal

Local Ownership and Efficiency and Effectiveness of Resource Use


Conduciveness of Sociopolitical Environment

Efficiency of Policy Instruments

Effectiveness of Organizational Arrangements

Change Process driven by Change Agents


Capacity Development Program Activities

intermediate results
Raised awareness

Enhanced skills

Improved consensus and teamwork

Fostered networks

Formulated policy/strategy

Implemented strategy/plan

Intermediate Results

Learning Outcomes

measure changes in behavior or cognition of change agents

Altered status

Altered processes

New products and services

applications of the framework
Guide capacity needs assessments and identify capacity constraints

Engage stakeholders in the entire program cycle and ensure local ownership

Define a capacity development strategy to apply at community, regional, or country levels

Build indicators into program design to track progress and, when necessary, adjust a program for improved adaptive management

Compare programs and determine what does and does not work to advance practice

Communicate tangible results to donors, stakeholders, and colleagues

Applications of the Framework
  • TBC from Dawn’s examples