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Employment Development Department (EDD). EDD Services. Employment Taxes Unemployment Insurance Employment Training Tax State Disability Insurance State Personal Income Tax Withholding. EDD's Tax Audit Program. Overview of Audit Program. 8 Area Audit Offices 165 Tax Auditors

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Edd services l.jpg
EDD Services

  • Employment Taxes

  • Unemployment Insurance

  • Employment Training Tax

  • State Disability Insurance

  • State Personal Income Tax Withholding

Overview of audit program l.jpg
Overview of Audit Program

  • 8 Area Audit Offices

  • 165 Tax Auditors

  • Audit for Four Taxes:

    • Unemployment Insurance Tax

    • Employment Training Tax

    • Disability Insurance Tax

    • Personal Income Tax Withholding

Overview of audit program5 l.jpg
Overview of Audit Program

  • We perform tax audits and investigations

    • 4,000 audits and investigations

    • $187 million

    • Average assessment amount: $46,000

  • Audits are recognized by the AICPA & qualify for CPA experience

Overview of audit program6 l.jpg
Overview of Audit Program

  • Resolve disputed benefit claims

  • Represent the State at tax and benefit hearings

  • Provide escrow releases, advisories, register new employers

Nature of employment tax l.jpg
Nature of Employment Tax

  • You don’t need to be profitable to incur a significant liability

  • Many misconceptions

  • Employers need sound business plans

Focus of the audit program l.jpg
Focus of the Audit Program

  • Bring employers into compliance who are:

    • Misclassifying workers as Independent Contractors

    • Not correctly classifying compensation to employees as wages

Identifying non compliance l.jpg
Identifying Non-compliance

  • Obstructed Claims

  • Form 1099s

  • Underground Economy Operations (UEO)

    • Tax Enforcement Section (TES)

    • Employment Enforcement Task Force (EETF)

    • Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEE)

Strategic initiatives l.jpg
Strategic Initiatives

  • Courier Industry

  • SUTA Dumping

    • An employer with a high UI rate inappropriately secures a lower rate through various simple or complex acquisitions

Suta dumping schemes l.jpg
SUTA Dumping Schemes

  • They have a high tax rate (6.2%)

    • Create a new entity and secure a new 3.4% rate

    • Purchased Shell Transaction

    • Nurse a low rate in an existing entity

Ab 664 effective january 1 2005 l.jpg
AB 664 - Effective January 1, 2005

  • Amends 1052 of the CUIC

    • Provides that this section, which allows for the transfer of the predecessor’s reserve account to the successor, is not applicable to any acquisitions made solely or primarily for the purpose of obtaining a lower rate

Ab 664 effective january 1 200513 l.jpg
AB 664 - Effective January 1, 2005

  • Adds 1061, CUIC

    • Mandates the transfer of the reserve account when the predecessor and successor have common

      • Ownership

      • Management


      • Control

Ab 664 effective january 1 200514 l.jpg
AB 664 - Effective January 1, 2005

  • Adds 977(c), CUIC

    • Provides for the maximum tax rate plus an additional 2% for each applicable rating period

Ab 664 effective january 1 200515 l.jpg
AB 664 - Effective January 1, 2005

  • Adds section 1145 of the CUIC

    • For promoters who knowingly advise SUTA Dumping

    • Provides for a penalty $5,000 or 10% of the combined amount of underreported contributions, penalties, and interest

Partnership with the irs l.jpg
Partnership with the IRS

  • Exchange of closed cases

  • Exchange of audit leads

  • Strive for synergy when developing our strategic plans

Cuic section 1236 l.jpg
CUIC Section 1236

  • Allows EDD to settle disputed employment tax issues when there is some risk of loss associated with litigating the case and when it is in the best interest of the State

Settlements case requirements l.jpg
Settlements Case Requirements

  • Section 1236 of the CUIC requires the following:

    • The employment tax issue must be in dispute

    • The disputed issue is the result of assessment, appeal, or denial on a claim for refund

    • The risks and costs associated with litigation are consistent with a compromise of the tax liability

Denial for settlements l.jpg
Denial for Settlements

  • Audit cases in process

  • Generally cases involving fraud or an intent to evade provisions of the Code

  • Cases involving constitutional issues or where settlement will violate the law

  • Employer asserts only issues of fairness, financial hardship, or survivability of the business

Taxpayer advocate office l.jpg
Taxpayer Advocate Office

  • If you are unable to resolve a payroll tax problem with an EDD

    • Representative

    • Supervisor


    • Office Manager

Edd advocate responsibilities l.jpg
EDD Advocate Responsibilities

  • Independent status and review

  • Protect taxpayers’ rights

  • Adhere to agency tax laws

  • Identify trends and issues

  • Ensure courteous public treatment

When normal channels do not work l.jpg
When Normal Channels Do Not Work






Helpful websites l.jpg
Helpful Websites



Employment development department l.jpg

Employment Development Department

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