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  1. Imperialism Social Studies 9

  2. Last unit • We learned about the Industrial Revolution and Progressive groups. • Show me what you know!

  3. Do now: • Answer the following question in your notebook: • 1. List three ways that the Industrial Revolution changed the world. (Think about changes in production, and how peoples’ lives changed) • 2. Was the Industrial Revolution good or bad?

  4. How did the Industrial Revolution change the way people thought about the world they lived in? • New ideas about power and money • Big business= more money and power and TRADE!

  5. Goals for today: Guiding Questions • By the end of the day we want to answer the following questions: • Why might Europeans want to rule Africa? • How might European rule have affected the people in African colonies?

  6. I. The Grass is always Greener • People who have power always want more • Countries want to be powerful

  7. A. Who had power? • Countries with the ability to produce a lot. • Which countries do you think could produce a lot after the Industrial Revolution? (BEFORE America was a big power)

  8. 1. Europeans!

  9. B. How did Europeans want to get more power? • Get more land and resources! • IMPERIALISM: when powerful countries try to get control of foreign lands.

  10. 1. Why would taking land help European countries? • A. Businesses:could use the raw materials from other countries to produce stuff to sell at home and overseas.

  11. Why would taking land help European countries? (cont.) • B. Power and Glory: Taking more land and building up a country gives people pride and confidence in the power of their country: nationalism

  12. Social Darwinism

  13. C. Where did they want to get land from? • 1. Africa • 2. Asia

  14. 1.Today we will focus on Africa

  15. A. Who tried to colonize part of Africa? • Colonize: to set up a government or civilization in a foreign land • 1.France • 2.Italy • 3.Great Britain • 4.Germany • 5.Portugal • 6.Belgium • 7.Spain

  16. 1. France and Great Britain • A. France in North Africa • i. French took over land along the Mediterranian coast. Why do you think they could do this easily?

  17. 1. France and Great Britain • ii. French built the Seuz Canal to link the Mediterranian Sea to the Red Sea • Why do you think they would do this?


  19. 1. France and Great Britain • France had the largest empire in Africa in the mid-1800s.


  21. B. Britain in Africa • i. Bought the suez canal in 1875

  22. -Why did they want the canal • It made sailing from Europe to India much faster Before

  23. ii. Egypt • In 1914 Britian declared Egypt a protectorate: that means that Britain had total control over Egypt and they protected it.

  24. iii.In the South of Africa • -British took over Sudan • -and an island in the south called: Zanzibar – key trading post

  25. 2. Scramble for Africa

  26. Europeans raced to set up colonies all over Africa • A. Problems: • 1. There were already borders in Africa based on different tribes or ethnic groups!

  27. -Europeans made NEW borders • - Without considering the borders that already existed. • -Groups that spoke different languages and customs were now in the same colonies.

  28. Another problem for Africans • 2. Imperialist rulers were mean to Africans!

  29. 3. Results • i. Some African groups fought Imperialists. • Example: Zulu tribe in the South fought the Dutch.

  30. Results • - ii. But eventually the Zulus were defeated by the British who took over South Africa and gained control over resources like gold and silver.

  31. 4. Effects of Imperialism in Africa • A. Some Europeans said it was good. • i. Why? -Ended the slave trade • - ii. Imperialists helped build big roads • iii. Built cities • iv. Built railroads • v. brought new medicine • vi. Opened schools

  32. Advancement of society

  33. B. Many Africans said Imperialism was bad • i. Why? – Europeans mean to Africans • ii. Villages and families broken apart • iii. Lands and natural resources were stolen! • iv. Europeans wanted Africans to change their way of life but Africans wanted to be true to their own traditions. CONFLICT!

  34. Is Imperialism justified? • You tube clip: • As you watch, think about what you already know about Imperialism and be prepared to answer in detail with specific examples from what you have learned the following question: • Is imperialism justified?