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OSC Training

OSC Training

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OSC Training

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  1. OSC Training Registration & Authorizations

  2. International Registration Pathway Retakes If a student earned a D or above in the course they can take the online only version. If a student earned an F or W they must take the course with the gathering again. A student CANNOT retake a Pathway course while taking other courses. Be aware that while at BYU-Idaho a student can only have a total of 4 retakes, this includes Pathway Courses. When helping an international Pathway student register make sure they are registered for the L version of the course (5 credits). International Pathway students are encouraged to take an institute course but DO NOT take religion through BYU-Idaho. Pathway Registration

  3. Pathway Acceleration 1 2 3 • An opportunity for a Pathway student to take ONE additional course during their 2nd and 3rd semester of Academic Start • When registration starts for 2nd or 3rd semester • If received an “A” in all preceding courses • Using the form found on the KB • The student must apply again for acceleration if they accelerated in their 2nd and they wish to accelerate again in the 3rd. • What is it? • Apply • Reapply Pathway Registration

  4. Blended Sites • *A new list will be created of all blended sites • In addition to the sites on the East Coast we also have Boise, Idaho & Phoenix, Arizona • 31+ Students at a blended site will be taking MATH100G this semester. They will need to add themselves to section 24 or 25, if they try to add any other section they will not be able to. • Students under 30 can register for any section of MATH100G Pathway Registration

  5. Authorizations Authorization Ticket Notes • Semester is SPRING 2013 • Type the course code like this: FDREL121-01 (all caps, no spaces, section included) • Send authorization request to the correct advising center using our template (copy email into ticket) • Update the ticket when a response is received (copy this email with the signature or advising center into the ticket) • Assign to Alex Plitt if approved & email the student if authorization was not given

  6. Legacy Courses Pilot Courses Pilot courses are online courses that are being offered for the first time and are therefore in a trial state. We cannot authorize over capacity on a Pilot course We can complete other types of authorizations • Legacy courses are online courses that were created before Online Learning existed. They are taught by an on campus instructor. • We DO NOT authorize for Legacy courses. • You can find a list of these courses on the “Courses with Special Instructions” found in your cubicle • Direct the student back to the instructor for authorization Authorizations