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By g oodmouse and Mad dogs 2010

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castles. By g oodmouse and Mad dogs 2010. CONTENTS. What was the first castle?. What was the second castle ?. What was the third castle?. find out some famous castles. This is one of the Motte and B ailey castles.

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by g oodmouse and mad dogs 2010


By goodmouse and Mad dogs 2010



What was the first castle?

What was the second castle?

What was the third castle?

find out some famous castles


This is one of the Motte and Bailey castles

The first castle was called a Motte and Bailey. The Normans were the first to introduce this castle to England in 1066.

It is said that 1000 Motte and Bailey castles were built in England. by the Normans. They stopped using it because it was to weak and it wasn’t fireproof or weather-proof.


Then stone keep castles were introduced. They were much stronger than Motte and Bailey because it was stone. William the conqueror decided it was an ultimate sign of power.

The stone keep castle is one of the most common and recognised form of castle.


Concentric castles are shaped like a castle has just nested inside another castle. It is larger than motte and bailey and stone keep castle.

The third castle was concentric castle,

Concentric castle means a circle within a circle. The reason there are so many walls is because it takes longer for the enemies to get through all of them.

Lots of different shaped walls. Enemies could his round the out side or inside walls of the castle.


Conwy Castle in Wales

Windsor castle in London



Normans- It is part of a time era

Concentric- concentric means a circle.

Enemy- it is a person who you really don’t like.

Introduced- It means that you only just knew.



We found most of our in formation from: