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Latest SEO Techniques 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest SEO Techniques 2018

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Latest SEO Techniques 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Concept Open Source is the providing the best services for internet marketing techniques.

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Latest SEO Techniques 2018

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website design development company latest

Website Design & Development


Latest SEO Techniques 2018


Internet Marketing


■While keywords and key phrase optimization are still important,

you now have other offsite elements to consider. The main focus

is that the pure and unique content for web pages and website

directories. On-page will important for all Seo factor. Concept

Open Source is offering the high rated Internet marketing

services for Seo.

Comparable to

other areas in the


industry, SEO is

Daily changing. Seo

users should be

updated with the

latest Seo trends

and strategies. The

Google algorithm is


changing, so Seo

executives should

be updating their

knowledge. some

of these strategies

will continue into

2018 and some will

fall away.

■Popular search engine results page features include Google

Awards, interesting block, featured snippets, local packs, clients

reviews, tweets, video, image pack, shopping results and site links.

We will discuss the happening strategies for all Seo user. We will rock

in 2018.


■Voice search

■Social & web-Schema

■Rich & Featured snippets

■Fresh Content

■Machine learning and AI

■Page Speed

■Technical SEO


■User experience



Mobile Friendly



Company Name

Concept Open Source

A mobile-friendly website is that display perfectly on hand-held

devices such as Smartphone's, iPhone, iPods, and tablets. as well as

other smart devices. The mobile-friendly site is very important for

Seo ranking. It looks like a little version of your website. There's a

lot of zooming, holding and scrolling going on, but the site displays

and functions.

Voice Search

Street Address

12075 Tango lane,


City, ST Zip Code

Virginia, 22193

voice search will continue to pick up steam. Many users prefer the

comfort of articulating over typing. Not only is it faster, but the

questions can also be more detailed. More importantly, voice

recognition software has reached the point where users are

comfortable trusting it to understand their normal speech.




The increased detail of search queries means you’ll need to go

beyond the simple keyword and phrases to rank and focus more on

terms and phrases people are naturally going to say out loud.

People speak differently than they type, so your SEO strategy

should try using conversational terms and sentences.


Social & Web-Schema

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your

website to help the search engines return more informative results

for users. If you've ever used rich snippets, you'll understand

exactly what schema markup is all about. Here's an example of a

local business that has a markup on its event schedule page. is the centralized home on the web for the Schema

project, a collaboration between Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Russian

search engine Yandex (the one trying out the search without links)

to standardize structured markup.



Rich & Featured snippets

There are rich snippets and regular snippets. Both include a clickable title,

a URL, and a meta description. Rich snippets have more condensed titles

that include “|” instead of a dash (-), reviews and an image. How you

structure the data, however, is important in how search engines will

display the information.

While the difference may seem insignificant, it has been shown that

search results with properly formatted rich snippets receive more clicks

and have a higher click-through rate, which in turn increases potential


Page Speed

In today’s fast-paced, on-demand society, people want things, including

information, immediately.

Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a website that appears to

answer your question exactly, only to have to wait for the page to load. If

the page doesn’t load in 5 seconds, you’re off onto another website that

can hopefully give you the answers you need.

People don’t like slow web pages. If your page is slow, your site traffic will

suffer. Page speed is a user experience feature that is expected of all


If you’re wondering how fast is fast enough, take Google’s

recommendation of 3 seconds or less.

To see how the speed of your website stacks up, you can take Google’s

Page Speed Insights.

Speed has been a critical component for years, but moving into 2018,

we’re going to see even more emphasis on it in the future.

This all strategies will help you to get #1st rank on Google search engine.

Concept Open Source is the providing the best services for internet

marketing techniques. We have to hire dedicated developers to get high

rank on Google search engine. If You have any queries about this then feel

free and contact us. We are giving you the best solutions for your website

seo ranking and traffic.