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The Catcher in the Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye. Chapter Questions and Discussion Points Part 4 Chapters 14 - 17. Why did Maurice hit Holden?. Maurice claimed Holden owed more money for Sunny’s “services.” Holden called Maurice a “stinking moron.”

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the catcher in the rye

The Catcher in the Rye

Chapter Questions and Discussion Points Part 4 Chapters 14 - 17

why did maurice hit holden
Why did Maurice hit Holden?
  • Maurice claimed Holden owed more money for Sunny’s “services.”
  • Holden called Maurice a “stinking moron.”
  • Holden in a mordacious tone inferred that Maurice would end up as a street beggar!
why did holden not go through with his suicide plan
Why did Holden not go through with his suicide plan?
  • He was afraid no one would cover his body after falling.
  • He did not want “rubber-neckers” staring at his corpse.
  • He thought about Jane and how she would react.
  • He worried about who would take care of Phoebe.
who is sally hayes describe her role in the story s plot
Who is Sally Hayes? Describe her role in the story’s plot!
  • She is an old girlfriend. (Holden had a picture of her at Pencey).
  • She agreed to go on a date with him to a play, so he would not be alone.
  • He swings from wanting to marry her to hating her guts because she won’t run away with him.
  • She illustrates who incapable Holden is to build solid relationships with others and serves as a temporary “love interest.”
why did holden check out of the hotel and where did he go
Why did Holden check out of the Hotel and where did he go?
  • He did not want another encounter with the ferocious Maurice!
  • He went to Grand Central Station to put his luggage in a locker and to find some lunch before going on a date with Sally.
who did holden meet at the grand central sandwich bar and what did they discuss
Who did Holden meet at the Grand Central Sandwich Bar and what did they discuss?
  • Teaching nuns from a private school.
  • Romeo and Juliet – interesting! Story about star-crossed lovers who commit suicide!
  • Holden is amazed at how candid they are.
  • He makes a donation to their work!
what made holden feel not so depressed anymore on his way to the record store
What made Holden feel “not so depressed anymore” on his way to the record store?
  • A family was coming out of church and the child was singing “Comin’ thro’ the Rye.”
  • Holden picks up on the lyric “Gin a body catch a body comin’ thro’ the rye. . . .”
  • Significance to the title of the book and Holden’s state of mind?!
  • Holden hopes someone will “catch him!”
what record does holden buy for phoebe why
What record does Holden buy for Phoebe? Why?
  • “Little Shirley Beans”
  • About a child’s dealing with missing teeth
  • A jazz/blues version with a female singer with a husky voice.
  • Something Phoebe would appreciate
  • Expensive recording
why does holden dislike actors
Why does Holden dislike actors?
  • Phonies trying to play real people who still come out as phonies
  • Snobs, stuck on themselves as actors/actresses
  • Not good at their work – not realistic
why did holden like the museum
Why did Holden like the museum?
  • The museum never changes like the people who visit do.
  • It remains the same forever preserving the past as it was.
  • People and life, however, change all the time!
  • Holden is not fond of change and remembers better times when he visited with the schools or with his family before Allie’s death.
what did holden think of george
What did Holden think of George?
  • A threat to Holden’s connection to Sally
  • A phony, self-centered snob
  • Trying to take Sally away from Holden
  • An annoyance!
how did holden s feelings for sally change from the beginning of the date to the end
How did Holden’s feelings for Sally Change from the beginning of the date to the end?
  • He was “in love” at first when he saw her.
  • He wanted to marry her and run away
  • He becomes frustrated with her when she refuses his offer.
  • He asks if she had ever been “fed up.”
  • He is derisive toward her and destroys any hope of a relationship.
  • Write a paragraph summary that explains the state of Holden’s emotional and mental situation at the end of these chapters. Be specific!