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Catcher In The Rye

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Catcher In The Rye. Kila Kanae.

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My brother lives in Hollywood and is a famous Hollywood writer and I think that he is bitter because D. B. has sold out to Hollywood, forsaking a career in serious literature for the wealth and fame of the movies. I think that my brother is a prostitute because he is always doing different things for different people and he knows a lot of people

  • Chapter 1

I visit Mr. Spencer at his house and Mr. Spencer talks about my academic failures and tells me that Pencey’s head masters saying is that life is a game and that I must play by the rules. Mr. Spencer reminds me that he flunked me due to my poorly written essays that I turned in about Egyptians and told me to think about my future.

Chapter 2

  • I live in Ossenburger Hall which is named after a wealthy pencey graduate who made a fortune in the discount funeral business . My room mate is a very irritating classmate and always ask’s me annoying questions and he does not have many friends.
  • Mwand Ackley are the only two guys that are not at the football game because they both are isolated and both of them think that everyone else is phonies and that they don’t want to associate with anyone because they are trying to shield themselves from the world.
  • Me and Mal Brossard gets into a snowball fight with some of the other Pencey boys. After a dry and unappetizing steak dinner in the dining hall. After the snowball fight we decided to take a bus into Agerstown to see a movie even thought I don’t like movies
  • Me and Stradlaterget into a fight because when he comes home from his date he barges in the room and starts reading my stuff like how I am going to get kicked out of pency and then I asked him about his date with jane and I got no reply so I attacked him.
  • I talk about Jane to Ackley because I cant stop imagining Jane fooling around with Stradlater. So Ackley does not decided to listen to too me so I decide to leave and go to new york .
  • I walk the entire way to the train station and catch a late train to New York. At Trenton, an attractive older woman gets on and sits next to me. She turns out to be the mother of my classmate, Ernest Morrow. I don’t really like him but I tell the mom lies just too make her happy.