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Show Action. An Introduction to Verbs. What are Verbs ? Think, Pair, share…. A verb is a word that tells what people or things do. Verbs are words that show action. drove. dance. jumping. talking. Can you show action?. Activity:

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Show action

Show Action

An Introduction to Verbs

What are verbs think pair share
What are Verbs?Think, Pair, share…

  • A verb is a word that tells what people or things do. Verbs are words that show action.





Can you show action
Can you show action?


  • Use a light source and your hand to make a shadow puppet. Act out an action. Can your class guess the verb you are acting out?


    The rabbit scared itself.

Mesas write this story beginning underline eleven verbs
MesasWrite this story beginning.Underline eleven verbs.

Wind and water make a mesa. It takes millions of years. The wind and water carve the rock. The softer part of the rock disappears first. The harder part forms a mesa. The hot sun beats down on it. A few plants grow on mesas. Flower open only at night. They protect themselves from the daytime sun. Only small animals live on mesas. Lizards and pack rats make their homes there.

From Houghton Mifflin text p. 97


  • A new student just enrolled in your class. He is in the office right now. Your class needs to write a book of instructions for him so that he can find his way around school. Choose one place that the new student will need to know (the classroom, the cafeteria, the library, the playground, etc.) Write instructions for him to get to this place from the office.

  • Trade instructions with a friend.

  • Underline all of the verbs in your friend’s instructions.