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Features of Drift aligned Beaches

Features of Drift aligned Beaches. How drift-aligned beaches develop.

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Features of Drift aligned Beaches

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  1. Features of Drift aligned Beaches

  2. How drift-aligned beaches develop Where waves approach the coastline at an angle the swash moves material up the beach in that direction. The backwash returns at right angles. The constant repetition of this causes pebbles and sand to drift along the beach. This process is thought to be responsible for the formation of a variety of types of detached features such as spits, bay bars, tombolos, beaches and islands.

  3. Tombolo Tombolos are formed when spits extend from the coast to an island. Chesil beach in Dorset links the isle of Portland to the mainland. This tombolo is 30km long and up to 14m high.

  4. Bars • Bars are formed across estuaries blocking off rivers. • A bar links together two headlands and blocks off rivers.

  5. Spit • Spits are a long narrow extension of sand or shingle which has one end connecting to the coastline and one end projecting into the sea • A change in shape of the coastline causes this deposition to continue offshore. • Orford Ness is an example in the UK

  6. Cuspate Foreland • These are triangular shaped features which may have resulted from the changes in direction of a spit • Dungeness in Kent is the most famous Foreland in Britain.

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