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AJE Prizewinners of MUJI in 2011 @ Hong Kong PowerPoint Presentation
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AJE Prizewinners of MUJI in 2011 @ Hong Kong

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AJE Prizewinners of MUJI in 2011 @ Hong Kong - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AJE Prizewinners of MUJI in 2011 @ Hong Kong. Received and offer from Muji and would be begin work from September, 2012.

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AJE Prizewinnersof MUJI in 2011 @ Hong Kong

Received and offer from Muji and would be begin work from September, 2012

- The event was very well organized and I appreciated the clear schedule, helpful staff and nice environment, especially the chance to meet so many respectful company representatives as well as guests. The program was exquisitely designed with Ryohin Keikaku's own characteristics. It deepened our understanding about the company and also gave us an opportunity to present ourselves in front of the company. Among the many impressive things about the AJE include the super nice and kind staff from both the organizing company and my contest department, highly talented and friendly international students, great overall environment of Tokyo, etc. After all I would say the most impressive thing was realizing that there are so many people pursuing the goal of global business/career, which is very encouraging for me.

- AJE took great care of us during the whole trip, e.g. welcome and farewell us in the airport! They did their best to fulfill both our learning and social needs. (Prepared "tour guide" for us and the party) We admired our translators so much! Clear instructions were given and all of the staff were so eager to help us! It was good to have 2 presentations in the contest so that we can have better performance in the second one:) It is of great pleasure to talk to MUJI's HR managers in the party! Thank you to staff who worked so hard for this event! Overall, the arrangement was really great for your first time! It was really a great and luxurious experience for us. I miss you all


AJE Prizewinnersof IDEMITSU in 2011 @ Hong Kong

- I enjoy the progress of preparing group presentation and exchanging ideas with winners from other regions and countries. It is impressive that Idemitsu Kosan highly valued the contest and sent various members in their management team to review our presentation. It is a wonderful and fruitful experience in the four days final contest. The trip has widened my horizons in pursuing a global career in the future. Sincere thanks to the organizers again. With numerous undergraduates interested in Japanese culture, the Asian Job Express would certainly be an popular contest in Hong Kong with more promotions.

- I am happy with the arrangement of the 4-day competition in Tokyo and satisfied with the hotel and food.

I was impressed by the attention from the officers from the IDEMITSU company, they offered helpful information to us and appreciated our job very much, so I feel it's not a mere competition but a real job in the business world.

- We can meet people from different cultures and share our opinion about the company. The guest shared his view about the future of Asian business world which is useful for our career planning.

I am impressed by the idea proposed by the other teams which is very creative. Moreover, they had a in-depth understanding about the company.

It was an unforgettable trip for me because of all of the talent candidate and helpful and friendly staff. I hope I can join this program once again next year.


AJE Prizewinnersof BANDAI NAMCO in 2011 @ Hong Kong

- The competition groups Asian elites to come together to compete. We have many chances to actually see the business operation and interaction with the company which is very good. Visiting actually business operations are very interesting and helpful for us understanding the business.

- It was not just a marketing competition and we can really gain a lot, for example presentation skills, meet people from other countries and share ideas together. The workshop was challenging and it was really a valuable experience to be groupmates with those from other countries and do the presentation together. During the contest, we could share our idea and culture with winners from other countries. Especially during the preparation for presentation, we shared the business condition and environment of our own country and it really taught me a lot. Thanks a lot to winners from Japan as they were acting as tour guide and brought us to many places, even for places they had visited before. Really thanks a lot.

It was a great event and what I gained far exceeded my expectation. Hope this event could be continued in the future. And thanks again for arranging this wonderful and meaningful trip in Tokyo.

- The program is very meaningful as opinions from different countries can be exchanged through presentation and groupwork. The most impressive thing is that I can have chance to talk with the managers from Bandai which is a precious experience. Overall, the whole program is fruitful for us and leave a memorable page in my life. Thank you!