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Hammered ring band . Hammering is done with a ball hammer and before it is measured and butt soldered. Dragonfly is sweat soldered on. Dragonfly wings are cut from metal and attached overtop of a piece of wire that has been sweat soldered on.

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Hammered ring band. Hammering is done with a ball hammer and before it is measured and butt soldered. Dragonfly is sweat soldered on. Dragonfly wings are cut from metal and attached overtop of a piece of wire that has been sweat soldered on.


Hammered ring bands. Each is separate. Copper dots are sweat soldered on prior to forming the ring. The silver strips are also hammered prior to forming.


The ring band is first either etched with a pattern or you could roll the band through the roller with a patterned piece of lace.

The four additional gold bands are pieces of wire that are first hammered and than sweat soldered onto the ring band. In this instance the gold wire bands are soldered on after the ring is formed on a mandral.

Ring band is hammered.


Okay…so. The band is simple and butt soldered. The flower and butterfly are cut out from separate metals and formed using the dapper. (I can show you). They are then sweat soldered on. The stone can also be done last…


With this example you will want to lay on top of the silver band the copper band that has already been stamped and sweat soldered. Both pieces are then formed around a mandral and butt soldered.


This is actually a bracelet but could be a ring. The ring metal must first be hammered (anneal first). Then it is butt soldered. The individual flowers are cut out and formed using the dapper mold. (I’ll show you how to do that) . Each flower is sweat soldered on. Each flower can be colored…see me


Simple brushed ring band. The S shape is wire that is first shaped and than lightly put through the roller to flatten. It is then sweat soldered on.


Simple thick ring band that eventually is blackened with chemicals. The Hearts are cut out and soldered on. Depending on the amount of hearts and their size we will determine when to solder them on. We will either solder them on when the band is flat or after it is butt soldered and formed on the mandral.


Simple ring band, BUT….you must stamp the ring using the alphabet stamps prior to forming the band on the mandral. You can stamp inside the band as well. The words are than blackened using nickel blackener or liver of sulpher.


The metal is annealed (heated to make it soft) and than rolled through the roller with a piece of tree bark that has been dried.


Ring band is not traditional. It was designed with a pattern. Prior to butt soldering when it is still flat the heart was stamped into the metal. After the band was butt soldered the ring is given a brushed finish using 300 grit sandpaper.


Simple thin ring band soldered in butt fashion with hard solder. The flat oval attached separately using medium solder. The butterflies are first cut out, than annealed to soften the metal. Using a anvil and hammer they are bent into a V like shape and soldered on using Easy solder.


The ring needs a pattern. Very easy to make. The Chevrons are pierced out of the middle by first drilling holes and feeding the saw blade through the hole and than cutting out the design. The band is then butt soldered.


Complicated because the square piece is butt soldered into a ring band. It is hammered after joining the pieces on a ring mandral. You must be careful hammering with a ball hammer on a mandral as it can stretch the metal and make the sizing off.

The heart is pierced out of the shape prior to soldering.


Patterned ring. Butt soldered and than hammered with a ball hammer on a ring mandral. Polished using the holy grail..