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Mobile App Development: Cost Vs Functionality and Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile App Development: Cost Vs Functionality and Benefits

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Mobile App Development: Cost Vs Functionality and Benefits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile app development is a must for each business in gaining a robust position within the market. Currently, if you're going to develop mobile applications 2 things come to your mind straightway – functionality and cost. However, do you develop an app that's extremely useful and adds the brand value to your business and keep the event costs low? It lies in the adoption of recent development techniques that we'll discuss during this ppt.
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Mobile App Development: Cost Vs Functionality and Benefits

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Mobile App Development : Cost Vs Functionality and Benefits

    2. Mobile app development is a must for every business in gaining a strong foothold in the market. • Enterprise mobile apps development is at its peak with businesses wanting to manage their operations smoothly and attract new customers to the fray by using apps. • This has led to newer and better apps hitting the market. • These apps are user-friendly, rich in graphics and also come with highly interactive user-interface. Introduction

    3. HTML5 is platform independent and the same app can work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems thus reducing the cost of development.  • It offers you a lot of additional advantages such as better memory management, threaded performance and better graphic control. • An easy programming language. Use of HTML5

    4. What is a hybrid app container? • Nothing but a native app that has been designed to process generic function calls from an app.  • All that you will need to do is make use of native app containers and you can use the same HTML5 app across a number of platforms. • Hybrid app container also offers you back-end data, data access and authentication features something that apps developed on HTML5 lack. Hybrid App Container

    5. These cross-platform tools are nothing but frameworks that facilitate the development of multi-platform apps using the same codebase. • These tools not only reduce the cost of development but also make it easy for the new developers to create multi-function apps with knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript. • They offer developers basic structure to develop apps that are impressive on the first look and help promote your business in the most attractive manner. Making Use of Low or No Cost Tools

    6. On an average an app would have a lifecycle of three months after which it needs to be upgraded to meet the newer demands arising in the market.  • Thus for the app to be successful commercially it needs to offer better return on investment in terms of sales or brand value within less than three months. • To cut on these costs you need to foresee your app in the future and keep it ready for easy upgrades. App Lifecycle

    7. • • Lookingfor a Mobile App DeveloperContact Us