mobile app development ios vs android n.
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Mobile app development iOS Vs Android PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile app development iOS Vs Android

Mobile app development iOS Vs Android

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Mobile app development iOS Vs Android

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  1. Mobile app developmentiOSvs Android

  2. Mobile app development iOS-Introduction • iOS is an Operating system for mobile devices • The major iOSversion releases annually • Developed for iPhone and extended to iPod touch and iPad

  3. Mobile app development Android –Introduction • Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google • Designed primarily for the touchscreen mobile devices • The operating system has gone through multiple major releases, with the current version being 8.0 “Oreo”.

  4. Pros : 1 iOS Android Higher App Revenue • iOS users spend more money on apps than the android users. • The UI & UX improves user engagement, convincing them to pay for the app. The Biggest Market Share • It has the biggest audience globally • Android offers a user-friendly interface, that ensures more potential customers.

  5. Pros-2 iOS Android Simplicity • Simplicity is strength for the apps based on iOS • Apple offers simplicity and consistency across the apps and platforms Open source • It encourages the developers to design freely • Gives the opportunity to be creative and cater effective apps

  6. Pros-3 iOS Android Better eCommerce results • Apps that are developed for iOS, shows better eCommerce results • As people prefer to make online purchase resulting in high revenue Higher ad revenues • Android earns from ads • The application is mostly free, but the ad revenues are really high in Android apps

  7. Con-1 iOS Android Requires Apple’s approval for every app release • It is difficult to get approval for every app from Apple • Quality should be high, in order to get approved Security fall-outs • Being an open source, security issues are perceived in android. • This issue affects the total Android users.

  8. Con-2 iOS Android iPhones are expensive • Due to the price, less number of people are able to afford it • So, only restricted audience is there for iOS apps Have more potential bugs • Vulnerable to malware and bug attacks . • Fragmentation leads to more potential bugs on Android apps

  9. Con-3 iOS Android Device range is limited • The device range for iOS is limited • The iOS works on very limited set of consumer devices Complex layouts • The complex layout affects the layout performance • Complicated UI is not appreciated by the users.

  10. Winding-up • Mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms, has its pros and cons • The app’s platform is decided on the basis of the business requirements • To get the best Android as well as iOS app developed for your business, get in touch with FIFIUM.