7 mobile app development trends that will get bigger in 2018 n.
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7 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2018

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7 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whether it is a native app or hybrid app, the mobile application is the best way to give rise to the brand in the current market scenario. Look at the 7 amazing mobile app development trends that will significantly reduce the developing cost and increase your ROI.

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7 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2018

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    1. 7 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Get Bigger In 2018

    2. 1. Mobile Wallets and Microtransactions • According to Research, 1.5 billion mobile wallets were in use around the globe in 2017, and this is expected to continue through 2018. • The mobile wallet is undoubtedly the way of the future, so if you haven’t considered offering mobile payments as an option to your customers, it’s probably a good move to make this year.

    3. 2. A Focus on Security • There will be a huge push towards security in 2018. • It will be crucial, particularly concerning mobile payments, mobile banking, emails and the list goes on.  • It’s important for mobile app security to be considered at the beginning of development with code encryption, secure back-end, and API, reputed payment gateway. You should always test your app in every possible scenario before releasing it to the app store.

    4. 3. Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence • AI chatbots are becoming increasingly present in mobile apps as trailblazing companies such as Amazon have proven the success of AI in mobile. • 2018 will be the year of the enterprise chatbots as cognitive services have advanced exponentially. • Users are searching for more effortless interactions with brands and are now expecting channels of communications to be open 24/7. • These changing user demands will encourage enterprises to implement human-machine communications that are both efficient and accurate to meet these demands.

    5. 4. Virtual & Augmented Reality • In an era where experiential retail is becoming more important, there are many ways AR and VR can enhance the way customers interact, navigate, and shop. • AR is especially accessible because it’s simple: it can be used on practically any smartphone with no extra equipment needed. • Additionally, we are seeing travel companies use it to create simulations of tropical escapes, realtors use it for virtual tours of homes for sale, and car companies use it for virtual test drives. 

    6. 5. On-Demand Services • Non-game apps saw a higher growth rate than mobile games, with approximately 66% year-over-year growth, climbing to $38 million. • This is mainly generated from on-demand streaming apps such as HBO NOW and Netflix. • It also expands beyond streaming apps with users wanting other on-demand services such as haircuts, food, laundry, and so on.

    7. 6. Surge of IoT • Analysts predict thatIoT will grow from $157.05 billion in 2016 to $661.74 billion by 2021 and we’re just at the beginning stages of this growth. • Last year prediction were that IoT apps will surge along with smart home technology. This proved to be true in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018 as homes get much more interactive. • The retail, healthcare, and supply chain industries will experience the most growth with IoT: Retailers are taking advantage of the ability to interact with their customers in personal ways, the healthcare sector is using wearable devices, and supply chains are tracking products in factories.

    8. 7. The Rise to Kotlin for Android App Development • This open source language is based on Java Virtual Machine and can also be compiled to JavaScript source code. • Kotlin is both an object-oriented (OO) and functional programming (FP) language. • It is compatible with OO and FP styles allowing developers to incorporate elements from each form. • Kotlin offers support for higher-order functions, function types and lambdas, making it a great choice for functional programming.

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