mobile app development amazing trends for 2018 n.
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Mobile App Development Amazing Trends For 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile App Development Amazing Trends For 2018

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Mobile App Development Amazing Trends For 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IoT, AMP, AR&VR, AI all are the mobile app development trends for 2018. So, if you are looking to develop an app, then contact today to top mobile app development company Dev Technosys today.

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Mobile App Development Amazing Trends For 2018

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    1. Mobile App Development Amazing Trends For 2018

    2. VR & AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) Latest Mobile App Development trend in the market is AR & VR begin to stretch beyond entertainment and gambling. Not only did people see the marketplace become high in demand by consumers, but by companies. This became evident following Apple and other conglomerate businesses began to truly start incorporating the technology into their products, becoming their new USP and again pioneering a new way in which mobile function.

    3. Mobile Payments Clients are now able to use their phones to produce regular financial transactions with a growing number of retailers. A good illustration of a thriving Andrid App Development company helping to pioneer this tendency to the mainstream marketplace is 'Apple Pay' since this functions as a digital wallet support for consumers with Apple apparatus, which can be something Android has also integrated in their devices, called 'Android Pay'.

    4. App Security The Safety of a smartphone is more Critical Now than ever because of the massive volume of private data your device stays. Surprisingly Lots of People Don't take program safety as soon as it is, therefore why some hackers were powerful with breaching hacking and Leaking data from companies and individuals.

    5. Face I.D Technology If it comes to Face I.D, private data could not be more efficient in securing personal data (which also is a fantastic example of safety). Together with Apple waiting for facial recognition technology to become effective, they have changed the way in which people interact with their devices as they currently use this system for a form of security identity.

    6. Cloud-Based Apps In this day and age, being a dedicated smartphone user can prove to be difficult as we could all agree there is 1 big flaw with installing plenty of mobile apps -- STORAGE SPACE. As this is a growing issue, 2018 could be the answer to solving this issue by transferring internal storage to cloud-based storage. For this, users need to not be worried about storage space problems that are further within their mobiles.

    7. IoT (Internet of Things) IoT App Development is a powerful tendency that will continue to become mainstream in 2018. We have seen the tech operates with: wearable technology, smart bulbs, radiators, speakers and home surround audio systems. The rising adoption of wearable tech is the manifestation of how people have started to welcome new technologies trends.

    8. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Personal and customised content for online customers is a highly lucrative technique for virtually any business to utilise. As time goes by, apps are increasingly learning more about their users and their tastes. Everybody recognises the already amazing A.I apps: Siri, Prisma and Google Now.

    9. On-Demand Apps Last year, on-demand apps like 'UBER' or 'JUST EAT' became remarkably popular. We could expect this tendency to become more mainstream this year because of the simple fact that it helps make people's lives easier and these kinds of apps can be used almost anywhere.

    10. Conclusion The future surely shapes up to be brighter, better and bolder with these innovative technologies further dominating the marketplace of mobile app development. 2018 will not simply observe a rapid growth in mobile app development but, it will also indicate the entrance of the most innovative apps that will get people even more addicted to their own smartphones.