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For F’s Sake

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For F’s Sake
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  1. For F’s Sake Finance, Facilities, Fundraising and Forms Tuesday 6th May 2013

  2. Workshop Plan • Introduction to Forms • Room Bookings • Finance • Fundraising • CED Grants • Do’s & Don’ts • Q&A with Panel

  3. Your Forms • Event/Trip Planner • Purchase Order (for >£50) • Committee Lists • Room Booking (Union & University Facilities) • Grant Application • Transport/Travel Booking • Earn Your Stripes

  4. Event/Trip Planner • This is to be filled out for any event or trip you plan • Complete the relevant sections as fully as you can • When submitting by email, please send from your University student email address for identity verification purposes. • E-mail to

  5. Purchase Orders • To be completed for any purchase over £50 • Purchases for less than £50 can be processed with receipts • Always make sure you ask for and keep receipts for all club purchases!

  6. Committee Lists • Please submit your committee list after your AGM and after any changes • Download the template online and fill out all contact details • Name • Position • Student Number • E-mail • Phone Number

  7. Transport Booking • Online submission form (Google Docs) • MUST select “Non-Sports Club” from drop-down menu • If hiring a vehicle, check with Union to ensure you have eligible drivers! • For 9-seaters – Over 21 & 2 years experience • For 15-seaters – MIDAS certificate, Over 21 & 2 years experience • Try and travel by the cheapest possible means (This will save your club the money!)

  8. Room Booking • There are plenty free options available for your booking! • Remember to complete the room booking form first • You may be limited to what you can use your booking for. • For example, you cannot sell raffle tickets or consume alcohol • Unusual event? Complete an Event Planner first!

  9. FacilitiesUniversity Venues • Suitable for meetings, seminars, debates and more • Rooms & Lecture Theatres – only outside teaching time (all day on weekends and after 6.30pm Mon-Fri) • Atrium can be booked all day every day • Send room booking form to with at least 3 days (72 hours) notice.

  10. FacilitiesUnion – Ian King Meeting Room • Ideal for AGMs & general meetings • Send an email to with details and times or visit the front desk in the Union Office. • Max capacity of 20 people • Once you receive confirmation, you hold a booking 

  11. FacilitiesUnion – Studio/Underground/Envy • Ideal for socials, fundraisers, organised activities • Speak to Frances Slorance – Commercial Manager • 01786 467183 or • Once you receive confirmation, you hold a booking!

  12. Earn Your StripesClub Accreditation Programme • Opportunity to have your club’s achievements recognised • If a society demonstrates a significant contribution towards its members, the Union, University, local community or the public, it will be rewarded with a ‘Club and Society Stripe’ • Speak to your VP Communities for more info! • Or e-mail Inclusion, Sustainability, Development, Community categories

  13. Finances & Fundraising • How do I put on a fundraiser? • Where do I take my money afterwards? • How do I access my club account? • What happens if I have a successful grant?

  14. Fundraising • Key to the sustainability of your club! • Sponsorship • Bars and Nightclubs • Remember to be safe and use a contract! • Events • Tournaments/Performances & Other Key Activities • Bake Sales, Toastie Nights & Quizzes • Bag-Packing and Sponsored Activites

  15. Fundraising • Chaplaincy • Perfect for bake-sales & toastie nights – reliable fundraisers! • E-mail • Atrium • Can be used for sponsored event (eg. 24-hour Dance) • Think Creatively! • What has been done before, what works and what is new?

  16. CED Grants • If you are needing some extra capital to develop your club then apply for a grant! • The grant scheme is designed to help you go that little bit further than your funds allow • Favourable grants include; new events, new equipment, special trips. • Please ensure you complete the grant form correctly! • Plan ahead and apply for money before the event happens (retrospective events are less likely to succeed)

  17. CED Grants • Common problems with grants: • Form not completed correctly (check the example online) • Applying for an event which has already happened • Already have the money available to run the event • Not enough fundraising • Once submitted, your grant with be brought to the next CED meeting and considered by the panel. • If successful, you will be notified and funds transferred to your account • If unsuccessful, you will receive feedback for next time

  18. Do’s & (please) Don’ts • Ask for details (financial or membership) if you aren’t the president or treasurer • Spend money without consulting your committee! • Buy alcohol • Buy something over £50 without a purchase order • Spend more than you have… If you become overdrawn, your club will be suspended! Aye Naw • Bring your fundraising money in separate bags if possible! • Always check with your committee before making transactions • Submit a trip/event planner before any events • Be polite to staff! • Check your balance regularly

  19. Always… Come into the Union office and ask for advice if you are uncertain about anything! Do

  20. Q&A Panel Now, we go over to our experts! • Maria Ristimaki – PolSoc • David Devereux - SUDS • Imogen Mould – Charities Officer • Wendy Forbes – Oracle of Knowledge