Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
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Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion. Roberta Hewson. Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion. The Aboriginal Human Resource Council specializes in HR services, tools and strategies to help companies recruit, retain and advance an Aboriginal workforce.

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Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion

  • The Aboriginal Human Resource Council specializes in HR services, tools and strategies to help companies recruit, retain and advance an Aboriginal workforce.

  • Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion is a program that was developed by and for corporate Canada. Leading companies took part in the ‘Networks of Change’ initiative to provide hands-on & proven successful HR processes.

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Definition of Aboriginal Inclusion

  • The “culture” of a workplace that attracts, engages, and advances Aboriginal talent.

  • When a successful collection of HR policies, practices and training are combined with positive human behaviour, results are an inclusive workplace where Aboriginal people can advance to their full potential.

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Who Are “Aboriginal People”?

  • Constitution of Canada (1982) people identifying as “Aboriginal” are made up of:

    • First Nations

    • Inuit, and

    • Métis

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

History of First Nations

  • Original inhabitants had diverse lifestyles in independent societies.

  • The relationship between First Nations and European peoples in Canada began as one of mutual benefit and cooperation.

  • Each First Nation has its own unique historical background, culture and political goals.

  • 698,025 FN people, 633 bands representing 52 Nations and 60 distinct languages (2006 Census).

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

History of Inuit

  • Inhabitants of the North American Arctic.

  • North Atlantic whaling industry brought goods and disease.

  • By 1915 fur trade encompassed the Arctic.

  • By mid 1960’s nearly all Inuit had been moved to permanent settlements.

  • New territory called “Nunavut” proclaimed on April 1, 1999.

  • Population 50,485 (2006 Census)

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

History of Métis

  • Became a distinct culture in early 1800’s.

  • “Country born” & “Red River Métis”.

  • Largely based in Western Canada.

  • 8 Métis Settlements in Alberta.

  • Population 389,785 (2006 Census).

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Aboriginal Historical Exclusion

  • Cultural

    • Prohibited from cultural expressions.

  • Economic

    • Not permitted economic development.

  • Social

    • Example: Aboriginal war veterans not permitted into Canadian Legion.

  • Political

    • Could not vote until 1960.

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

The Inclusion Continuum

An Employers Roadmap:


Moving from Exclusion to Inclusion: Building a welcoming workplace for Aboriginal talent

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

The Inclusion Continuum

INCLUSIONInclusion is fully embraced as the cultural norm

INTEGRATIONInclusion as a catalyst for growth

INCUBATIONInclusion nurtured as a core competency

INITIATIONInclusion as a business imperative

IMAGEInclusion as public relations

INTIMIDATIONInclusion as forced compliance

INDIFFERENCEInclusion is not on the radar screen

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Recruitment Strategies

  • 8 Ways to Seek

  • Aboriginal Candidates

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

8 Ways to Seek Aboriginal Candidates

  • Aboriginal Employment Organizations.

  • Aboriginal media.

  • Aboriginal job boards.

  • Career and hiring fairs.

  • Aboriginal employee networking.

  • Consultation with liaison officers at colleges. and universities.

  • Executive searches.

  • Fax out services.

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

1. Working with Aboriginal Employment Organizations

  • Approximately 80 Aboriginal HR Agreement Holders (AHRDA) & hundreds of local offices.

  • Note: April 2010 new strategy name “ASETS”.

  • Many prepare and can refer candidates for training and work opportunities.

  • Partnership initiatives with employers.

  • (Home Page-Topics-Aboriginal Canadians).

    Workforce Connex:

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

2. Aboriginal Media

  • Access regional Aboriginal newspapers at :

    - Windspeaker (National) - Saskatchewan Sage

    - Ontario Birchbark   - Alberta Sweetgrass

    - Raven’s Eye - Buffalo Spirit

  • Native Journal (

  • First Perspective. (

  • Nationtalk (

  • Say Magazine (

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

3. Aboriginal Job Boards

  • Inclusion Network


Mastering aboriginal inclusion

4. Career & Job Fairs

  • Job fairs.

  • Aboriginal career/job fairs.

    • Blueprint for the Future

    • Friendship Centres

  • Aboriginal National Recruitment Fair.

    • Inclusion Works 2011 Montreal May, 2010

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

5. Recruiting Networks

Create networks by:

  • Sharing skilled candidates

  • Speaking to other recruitment specialists

  • Consulting Aboriginal and Northern Affairs provincial websites

  • Building relationships with local Aboriginal communities

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

6. Colleges & Universities

  • Contact the Aboriginal Student Centre on campus.

  • Share recruitment process & what to expect.

  • Provide resume writing seminars & conduct mock interviews.

  • Invite students to site visits.

  • Provide summer jobs/internships.

  • Provide educational completion awards.

  • Attend or support Aboriginal ceremonies & graduations.

Mastering aboriginal inclusion

7. Executive Search Companies

Executive Search Companies



Mastering aboriginal inclusion

8. Fax-out Service

  • Fax Out Services – Aboriginal Link is owned by Competitive Edge


Mastering aboriginal inclusion

Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion

Thank You

Aboriginal Human Resource Council


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