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  1. Aboriginal Rituals Rites of Passage

  2. Sacredness in Daily Life • Because Aboriginals believe that all of life is sacred, therefore, prayer is honouring the Creator’s gift. • The purpose of prayer is to honour the Creator’s greatness. • Prayer is used to communicate to the creator, in earlier times, native people would pray before a hunt or for rain.

  3. Smudging • A holy act that is part of many rituals • Sacred herbs are burned in a shell or earthen bowl then the smoke is brushed over the eyes, ears, mouth, hands and heart. • Cleansing smoke is used to purify people before a wedding, healing or powwow. • It is also often held before a meeting as a symbol of equality.

  4. Sacred Pipe Ceremony • Considered to be one of the most powerful and sacred spiritual rituals. • Symbol of unity and harmony in the world. • The pipe carrier prays that all the universe and everything it contains be transferred to the pipe. • When lit all that the pipe contains is delivered to the fire which is the Great Spirit. • Everything is dissolved into the cosmic unity of the Great Spirit.

  5. The Sweat Lodge • Aim is to purify the body, mind, spirit and heart and to restore right relationships with self. • It is sometimes called the womb of Mother Earth.

  6. Rites of Passage • Most religions have ceremonies for birth, coming of age and death. • Aboriginal Spirituality consider birth and death part of the journey with the Great Spirit. It is a very significant event, however, the ritual actions differ between tribes/bands. • The coming of age ceremony is called: The Vision Quest

  7. Vision Quest • The vision quest marks when a young aboriginal male or female become an adult in faith and spirituality. • The ceremony begins in the Sweat Lodge. Here, the initiate gains purification before entering the rite of passage. • Secondly, the initiate is taken on a journey (either to a top of hill or a forest). Here he, she sits until receiving a vision or sign from a spirit guide,

  8. Vision Quest • After receiving the vision the initiate returns and shares the vision with the Shaman who interprets the meaning. • The meaning of the vision becomes the new name that the now: man or woman is known as (ie. Eagle, Bear, “Walks with deer” etc..)

  9. Question on Test Tuesday • This is your prepare ahead question for the test Tuesday. • Watch the following clip “Story of Stuff”, • How do you relate to the clip? • Which moral teachings from Aboriginal Spirituality are evident? Explain. • Interdependence • Connection between poverty and the environment. • Sacredness of the Earth. • http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-stuff/