Real-time Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination
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Real-time Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination Panel Position. Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham The University of Texas at Dallas February 2008. What is Real-time?. Hard Real-time The transactions/queries/updates must meet strict timing constraints

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Real time knowledge discovery and dissemination panel position

Real-time Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination

Panel Position

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham

The University of Texas at Dallas

February 2008

What is real time
What is Real-time?

  • Hard Real-time

    • The transactions/queries/updates must meet strict timing constraints

  • Soft Real-time

    • The goal is to have as many transactions/queries/updates to meet their timing constraints

  • Other concepts

    • Firm real-time. Near real-time, Fast

Real time transaction query processing
Real-time Transaction/Query Processing

  • Transactions may be assigned priorities based on their deadline; e.g., transactions that have short deadline may have higher priorities

  • If two transactions compete for a resource then the higher priority transaction is given the resource

  • If a transaction T1 is of higher priority than transaction T2, and if T1 wants a resource that T2 has then T2 may be aborted and the resource is given to T1

  • Approximate query processing is a technique developed for handling queries that have to return results in real-time

  • Main memory data management is an approach for real-time data management

Real time knowledge discovery rt kdd
Real-time Knowledge Discovery (RT-KDD)

  • How does a data mining technique meet the timing constraint?

    • E.g., if an association rule mining algorithm has a 5 minutes constraint, then should it output as many rules as possible within 5 minutes

    • How does this affect the accuracy of the results?

    • Will there be an increase in false positives and negatives?

  • Approximate data mining

    • Are there techniques analogous to techniques in approximate query processing

    • Are incomplete results better than no results

  • What are the applications for RT-KDD

    • Give the results to the war fighter in 5 minutes so that he can take appropriate actions

Real time knowledge discovery concluded
Real-time Knowledge Discovery (Concluded)

  • Should we take each data mining techniques and develop a real-0time version of it

    • This is how research is proceedings in privacy preserving data mining

      • Privacy preserving association rule mining, Privacy preserving decision treed etc.

  • Is a real0time data warehouse needed for real-time data mining?

    • If so, how do we build a real-time data warehouse?

  • Can we do without a human in the loop?

    • If the war fighter needs answer within 5 minutes, then is there time for a human to analyze the results?

  • Does real-time knowledge discovery mean knowledge discover to be carried out during operational time instead of analytical processing?


  • There is research now on steam knowledge discovery and active data management; this will contribute toward RT-KDD

  • We also need to start a research program on integrating real-time processing research with KDD research

  • When we started with privacy preserving data mining there were questions as to whether we can have privacy as well as useful data mining research; the community is now more accepting of this research. Thee are opportunities for RT-KDD

  • We need to focus on the types of applications that RT-KDD will be needed.

  • Focus more on software real-time approach than a hard real-time approach

  • Building models in real-time as well techniques meeting real-time constraints