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Pyramids. Pyramids. Pyramids. By Table #6. By Table #6. Mr.Parsons Class. Introduction. The Great 3 Pyramids: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Khufu (The biggest of the Three Great Pyramids). Menkaure (smallest of The Three Great Pyramids). Khafre (2 nd to largest of

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Table #6


Table #6

Mr.Parsons Class

  • The Great 3 Pyramids: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.


(The biggest of the Three

Great Pyramids)


(smallest of

The Three Great Pyramids)


(2nd to largest of

The Three Great Pyramids)

why the pyramids were built
Pyramids were meant to show how powerful the Pharaoh was.

Pyramids represented the mound that Ra was born on.

Pyramids were royal burial chambers for the Pharaohs.

Pyramids represented the stair-way that the Pharaoh would use to ascend to the heavens.

Why The Pyramids Were Built
more on why pyramids were built
More On Why Pyramids Were Built
  • Pyramids symbolized Egyptian culture.
  • Pyramids served as jobs for the Egyptian people
  • Pyramids were used to store jewels and things the Pharaoh would need in the after-life.
how the pyramids were built
How pyramids were built remains a mystery.

Archeologists believe that Ancient Egyptians used ramps to build the pyramids.

Ancient Egyptians were believed to curve the ramps for easier building.

How The Pyramids Were Built
what pyramids were made out of
Pyramids were made out of limestone, clay, and other hard rock like materials.

Early pyramids were called “Step Pyramids” because the sides took steps and weren’t even like the later pyramids.

Each block weighed about 10 tons. That’s over 15,000 pounds!

Pyramids can be up to 482 ft. tall.

Granite was used for the ceiling of the chambers.

What Pyramids Were Made Out Of




The entrance to a pyramid is on the side.

The Grand Gallery is a large corridor leading to the Queen’s and King’s chambers.

The Queen’s chamber is NOT where the king or queen is buried.

There is a place under the pyramid.

There is a unfinished chamber in that space. You can get there from the entrance.

There is a corridor leading from under the pyramid to the Grand Gallery.

more on chambers
More On Chambers
  • There is also a corridor leading from the entrance to the Grand Gallery.
  • Grolier
  • Timelines of the Ancient World
  • The Pyramids
  • The Great Pyramid: How it was built and how it was used
more sources
More Sources
  • You Wouldn’t Want To Be an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Builder!