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3. Where do the bricks come from?. 1. How Can the Pharaoh choose where the pyramid is?. 2. Where to put the tools when they get back?. 4. What is the area, weight, and height?. 5. What is the top made of?. Pyramids. How they know where to put the materials. .

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3.Where do the bricks come from?

1.How Can the Pharaoh choose where the pyramid is?

2.Where to put the tools when they get back?

4.What is the area, weight, and height?

5.What is the top made of?


how they know where to put the materials
How they know where to put the materials.
  • When the pharaoh finds the right place the workers mark the outside of the pyramid. This way they can bring their tools back without having to find the spot. The out line will also be how big the pyramid is at the bottom. When the workers start to make the pyramid it takes then at least 20 or less years to build the pyramid. They also make ramps to make it easy to catch up till the top of the pyramid.
how they choose the place
How they choose the place
  • Before the men of Egypt make the Pyramid the pharaoh must choose a place in a place called The valley of the Kings. The valley of the Kings is a place in the desert were pharaohs build their pyramids in. Also the pyramids are surrounded by ditches so people can’t get to the pyramids. This way people can’t get to the pyramids to steal the mummies and the riches that they have in it.
where the bricks come from
Where the bricks come from
  • The bricks are made from limestone. When the bricks are carried to the layers it takes about 12 men to carry one brick up. When the layers lay the bricks they make them so squeezed together that you couldn’t squeeze a knife through. That means that the bricks are like they are connected without a separate part of the bricks. Not even a guns bullet can pierce a pyramid.
area weight and height
Area, weight, and height
  • The area of a pyramid is 23,000 double Decker busses. That is about 53,000 square metres. Also, 156,000 people can fill up a pyramid. Also, the weight of pyramid can weigh up to 870,000 busses and 6.5 million tons. That’s about the weight of the biggest living creature on earth. Plus, 33 busses is the same height of one pyramid. That is 147 metres. It would be big enough for a lot of cars.
the top of the pyramid
The top of the pyramid
  • The top of the pyramid is the same shape of the pyramid. It would also be made out of gold or electrum. That’s another reason why the pyramids are surrounded by ditches. The top of the pyramid is the part that is hardest to take off. The top will shine once the final piece is one that is made of gold or electrum. That would be a lot of money the tip of the pyramid.