why is it magnetic n.
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Why is it magnetic? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is it magnetic?

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Why is it magnetic? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why is it magnetic?
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  1. Why is it magnetic? • An object is magnetic if its electrons easily align by pointing in the same direction, which creates a domain, and also spin in the same direction, like clockwise or counterclockwise. • Iron is particularly good at this because it has a lone pair of electrons.

  2. How do Spin and Domain play parts in magnetism? • Domain – multiple atoms lining up together, like soldiers in a row • Spin – spinning electrons create magnetic fields in atoms

  3. Draw the magnetic fields of North and South

  4. North and North (bottom picture)

  5. South and South • Just like North and North but with the arrows pointing towards the particle instead of away

  6. What happens if I break a magnet in half, what is the result?

  7. What is the difference between a magnetic field and an electric field? • An electric field is the strength of the field and it can be blocked easily. • The magnetic field is made by moving electric charges, current, and is not easily blocked.

  8. Magnetic fields are created when charge is doing what? • When charge particles are flowing, current, through a wire a magnetic field is created

  9. Explain the right hand rule.

  10. Solenoid • A long straight coil of wire can be used to generate a nearly uniform magnetic field similar to that of a bar magnet. Coil of wire connected to a power source

  11. Electromagnet • An electromagnet consists of a coil of wire wrapped on an iron core and generates magnetic flux when electricity is allowed to pass through it

  12. Transformer • Can step up, increase, or step down, decrease, the voltage in a power line without noticeable loss of energy. More coils, more current.

  13. Electric Motor • Turns electric energy into Mechanical energy

  14. Generator • Turns mechanical energy into electrical energy

  15. What is the magnetosphere, what does it provide for us? • The magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the sun, carried in solar wind, from hitting the Earth.

  16. What is the Dynamo effect? • Earth has a hot liquid Iron core that spins very fast creating an electromagnetic field, like giant bar magnet. That gives us our magnetosphere.

  17. Where are the magnetic North and South poles? • Opposite of our geographic poles, and slightly tilted as well

  18. What does an MRI do to the human body? • Very powerful magnets emit radiowaves which excite the hydrogen atoms in the body, they absorb then release these waves and scanners make pictures out of them. Best for examining tissues with lots of water in them.

  19. How does a MagLev train work? • Magnets between the track and train cause it to levitate an inch above the track • Magnets on the side push and pull the train to its destination.