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Northanger abbey. Nadine 11W Band 5 Literature. Jane austen. Born on Dec 16, 1775. Second youngest in a family of 8 and one of the only two daughters. Parents : Reverend George Austen and Cassandra Austen. Close bond with sister ,Cassandra and brother, Henry who later became her publisher.

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northanger abbey
Northanger abbey

Nadine 11W Band 5 Literature

jane austen
Jane austen
  • Born on Dec 16, 1775.
  • Second youngest in a family of 8 and one of the only two daughters.
  • Parents : Reverend George Austen and Cassandra Austen.
  • Close bond with sister ,Cassandra and brother, Henry who later became her publisher.
jane and her family
Jane and her Family
  • *Jane had 7 other siblings; James, Edward, Henry, Cassandra, Francis and Charles.
  • *Her family was very open and they were exposed to literature and were creative and well versed.
  • *Close-knit family. Jane had a close bond with her father.
  • *The family put quite a lot of time in producing, writing and acting their own plays.
timeline of her life
Timeline of her life

1814: Published Mansfield Park.

1785-1786: Attended Abbey Reading School with Cassandra.

1811: Published Sense and Sensibility.

July 8 1817: Jane dies.

1800: Moved to Bath.

1787-1793: Wrote her Juvenilia.

1802-1803: Met a suitor who passed away surprisingly.

Proposed to by Harris Bigg-wither. At first, Jane accepted but then changed her mind.

1813: Published Pride & Prejudice.

1815: Published Emma.




  • Tailcoats
  • Shirts
  • Breeches, shoes and stockings
  • Wigs, wide-brimmed hats
  • Low-necked gown over a petticoat.
  • Close-fitting sleeves with trimmings or ruffles.
  • “Brunswick dress” hip length jacket and split sleeves.
  • Lightweight cotton clothing for bedtime.



  • *Upon the meeting of intimate friends, among ladies, at the private house, the kiss as a mode of salutation is yet common; but this is a custom which ought to be abolished for physiological and other reasons.
  • *A gentleman should not bow from a window to a lady on the street, though he may bow slightly from the street upon being recognized by a lady in a window. Such recognition should, however, generally be avoided, as gossip is likely to attach undue importance to it when seen by others.
  • *To greet someone by saying "Hello, old fellow" indicates ill-breeding. If you are approached in this vulgar manner, it is better to give a civil reply and address the person respectfully, in which case he is quite likely to be ashamed of his own conduct.
  • *No topic of absorbing interest may be admitted to polite conversation. It might lead to discussion.
  • *Rising to one's feet when being introduced, or when someone enters the room.
  • *Ladies do a little curtsey and men greet with a bow.
  • *Never turn your back on someone. When you have to remove yourself from the attention or presence of someone, to answer a door, look out the window etc, you always asked to be excused.
  • *Manners were scrutinized by others and often a talking point in conversations and gossip.
  • *The wealthiest and most educated of families greatly emphasised
  • *Emotions were often hid, especially if they were annoyed. It was habit to assume the best in people and situations. They take this etiquette so seriously their words sound empty because it was the opposite of how they felt. Perhaps that is how sacarsm originated.
northanger abbey1
Northanger abbey
  • *Miss Catherine Morland - - - Daughter of clergyman Richard Morland and his wife
  • *Mr. Henry Tilney - - - Second son of General Tilney, a parson
  • *Mr. James Morland- - - brother of Catherine
  • *Miss Isabella Thorpe - - - friend of Catherine, sister of John Thorpe
  • *Mr. John Thorpe- - - friend of James Morland, brother of Isabella
  • *Miss Eleanor Tilney- - - sister of Henry, friend of Catherine
  • *Mrs. Allen- - -wealthy chaperone of Catherine Morland
  • *Mr. Allen- - - wealthy chaperone of Catherine Morland
  • *General Tilney- - - father of Henry and Eleanor Tilney
  • *Captain Frederick Tilney- - -elder brother of Henry and Eleanor Tilney
  • Jane Austen’s first novel tells the story of Catherine Morland, the very ideal of a nice girl. But her naïve heroine is also in possession of an overactive imagination, fueled by her obsession with gothic novels. When Catherine meets Henry Tilney, she’s instantly smitten. But when she’s invited to his home, the sinister Northanger Abbey, she learns not to interpret the world through the pages of lurid thrillers.

Catherine Morland

Henry Tilney

Isabella Thorpe