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Configure.IT – Now Develop iOS Apps without Coding PowerPoint Presentation
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Configure.IT – Now Develop iOS Apps without Coding

Configure.IT – Now Develop iOS Apps without Coding

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Configure.IT – Now Develop iOS Apps without Coding

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  1. Steps To Make Mobile App Without Coding By A Mobile App Development Platform

  2. Steps To Use Configure.IT? • There are plenty of Baas and Paas mobile app development platforms and application development tools in the market, but what makes us stand apart from others is a whole set of resourceful characteristics unique only to Configure.IT, online mobile app building platform with such easy tools. • You can now build your own database, APIs and develop apps without coding for iOS, Apple iPhone and others!

  3. Configure Database • An easy mobile app development platform enables you to build your MySQL database or SQLite database easily, effortlessly and quickly. • All you need to do is select right options and key-in various details like field-name, etc. to define app tables and relationships. • The smart mobile application development interface helps you to define a valid and standard-based app database that is easy to interpret along various steps of mobile apps development. • Don’t even bother about creating a physical app database and their primary/foreign keys. • Configure.IT, enterprise mobile application development platform, automatically takes care of everything!

  4. Configure Data Management Console • The interface smartly generates an App Data Management Console based on the mobile app database you have set up. • Configure.IT, mobile apps development platform with application tools, automatically creates app data lists and forms with smart user controls using your mobile app data. • It also gives you the flexibility of configuring the entire mobile app database management console to cater to your business needs – portray records in smart grids, inline edits or multi-page forms. • You can also choose on how to allow users handle the mobile app data efficiently and write your own custom functions to override plenty of in-built mobile app data validations with custom validations for consistent mobile app data handling.

  5. Configure API • Configure.IT, one of mobile app development platforms, offers a revolutionary apps API development approach. • Focusing on key app programming functions, you can easily develop enterprise class app APIs within seconds. • It automatically creates CRUD APIs to consume your app data instantly. By developing an app API with custom business logic and connecting that to your application’s database, you are literally designing a flowchart within our smart app API interface. • With features like SQL Query, Loop, Condition, Email Notification and Push Notifications, you can virtually develop apps API to any level of complexity. • The ability to write your own functions takes your app APIs to the next level.

  6. Configure Mobile App • Exploit the automated and fully-configurable app settings using a vast library of features. • The Configure.IT, a complete mobile app development software, apps configuration interface is the smartest web based online interface yet available for developing mobile apps. The Automated configuration enables real time apps development without coding on any platform. • Configure.IT, mobile app development platform with application tools, builds user interfaces that bind a direct connection with the app data APIs – enabling extensive iteration. Ability to reuse the display controls, app screens or even entire app, tremendously accelerates development of apps without coding; without cutting corners on business requirements.

  7. Live Testing • Configure.IT, with mobile app preview tool PreviewIT, lets you test the mobile app in REAL-TIME and live on your device – without the hassles of a repetitive building process. • The revolutionary Configure.IT Previewer app enables you to review your work instantly on real device. • With this approach – Configure.IT app development tools dramatically improves the quality of User Acceptance Testing through automation and removal of manual tasks while reviewing the mobile app development project.

  8. Publish On The App Store • Configure.IT, online mobile app development platform with easy tools, ensures that your app conforms to standards and are error free. • You will be able to create apps without coding that are market ready and can be effortlessly published on the app store. • Configure.IT, mobile application development tools, ensures quick and efficient development for a quick turnaround.

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