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7 Tips For Networking At An Academic Conference

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7 Tips For Networking At An Academic Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript

7 Tips For Networking At An

Academic Conference

Conferences are the appropriate places where you get the

opportunity to meet loads of people, the ones you don’t know and

sometimes even the ones you know but haven’t met for a long

time that too under one roof. It is a place where you also get to

introduce yourself to a lot of people, create chains that work well

for your professional side.

Networking may seem to be an enormous job at an academic

conference at times but no doubt it is a very effective experience.

If you are new to attend any conference then you might not have

the experience of how networking works or maybe you don’t

know any networking skills yet. If that’s the case no need to

worry as this content will tell you about all the tips for networking

Conferencethat will prove to be accommodating.


Useful Tips For Networking At Academic Conferences:

Every year a lot of business professionals spend time attending

conferences. One can gain motivation through conferences as it

is a very knowledgeable place to be.

A Good Homework: You first should have a good knowledge and

understanding about the conference meeting you will be

attending. Once you get to know all the schedules start

preparing and all the necessary readings related to the topic. A

good homework can help you with an effective result on the final

day where you can be much interactive with all the meetings

and group activities.

Remember Being Productive: The course of networking is not an

easy job especially when you are surrounded with senior

academics because most of the times they don’t take the

initiative to talk to you. On the other hand if you are an

introvert person by nature then it becomes quite a big deal when

it comes to meeting people in the conference. But you cannot let

that happen and spoil the whole purpose of being at the

conference. If you want people to know about your study and

research then you got to take the step towards introducing

yourself to people. Be confident, share your ideas and views

towards the study and explore.

Choosing the right Conference: There are plenty of academic

conferences that take place in a year, therefore selecting the

right conference which is familiar to your field of study are

important. Choosing the conference that you feel is more

relevant to you will make you feel less stressed. Examine about

the conferences that you are likely to attend, its speakers and


many other similar facts that will help you blend well once you


Frame Your Networking Plan Before the Final Conference Day:

Collect all the possible information about the conference, the

people who are visiting, the speakers etc. Contact people before-

hand avoid putting unnecessary pressure when the final day

arrives. Internet these days is a vital and most effective way for

contacting and creating a network channel easily. Contact

through emailing. If you find someone you are looking forward to

meet, let them know that you would like to meet and have a

discussion, can they afford some time to be with you as well. All

these small initiatives will help you when attend the conference.

Usage of Extra Curricular Activities: Academic Conferencesoften

include group activities, inclusion of many curricular sessions,

meals which can be a great mode for networking. Use such

opportunities to build network and create channels by being part

of such activities.

Advertisement: Never ignore the power of good advertisements.

Although you are speaking make posters and showcase about

what you are speaking. A good way of advertising and

showcasing your topic may create more impact to the listeners

and you might also end up with one to one conversation. Thus

advertising through posters can help you create an overall

effective and productive networking possibility.

Build Effective Relationships rather than Making Publicity:

Creating a strong friendly bond with the attendees and the

stuffs is more effective than just spreading your visiting card.


Your visiting card may be just kept somewhere in the pocket or

bag which will stay there which will be of no importance until

you have made a worthy attempt to be remembered. Instead

talking and exchanging ideas and discussing may draw people’s

attention and you can gain a healthy relationship which will be

much helpful in networking as it is less of you and more of them

at the conferences.