why compliance management is inevitable for your n.
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Why Compliance Management is Inevitable for your Organization? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Compliance Management is Inevitable for your Organization?

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Why Compliance Management is Inevitable for your Organization? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Complinity Governance, Risk and Compliance Software helps companies to manage their Compliances, Contracts, Litigation, Documents, Internal Audit, Internal Financial Controls and Enterprise Risk Management. It allows companies to streamline and automate GRC programs.

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Why Compliance Management is Inevitable for your Organization?

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    1. Why Compliance Management is Inevitable for your Organization? Governance, Risk and Compliance also known as GRC, is an umbrella term for the way organization to deal with three areas that help them achieve their objectives. Also, risk is a driving force in all business activities. The world is investing in such digital technologies to access more innovative business models, making them more effective, profitable and risk- free. Many organizations do not comply with their safety at a regular basis. These gaps pose consequences to revenue, brand reputation and customer loyalty. To meet these needs, it is unavoidable that any proactive organization makes the decision to find the silver lining. We need fresh approaches towards risk and compliances to understand the digital era of threats. First, we need to understand the terms to be on the same page. 1. Governance: This indicates the way companies are managed at the highest levels, including the mechanisms, processes, etc. and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of various stakeholders within the organization. 2. Risk Management: Risk is omnipresent. Every aspect of every business has the potential for risking your market value and reputation. Risk management is the set of processes that identify, analyze and respond appropriately to each potential risk. 3. Compliance: There are a certain set of laws, compliances, standards, regulations etc. that every organization needs to comply with to avoid the penalties or imprisonments that results from non-compliance. COMPLINITY Compliance Software helps you to meet the needs of all the three areas for your company. COMPLINITY is Governance, Risk and Compliance management software which helps you to track and monitor your compliances. • COMPLINITY tracks over 600+ laws on a real time basis and helps in monitoring of all applicable laws. • Complinity acts as a repository or record management of all documents / challans which can upload to the software for easy retrieval. • Complinity sends alerts and reminders to the users and escalations to senior management. • Complinity provides real- time detailed dashboards and reports. It tracks and monitors the regulatory, statutory and internal compliances and eases the work of stakeholders.