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SEO institute, SEO training institute, SEO courses chennai

Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization training in Chennai? We are providing SEO, SEM, SMO training at affordable cost. Join our SEO training institute for Free job placement in one week.

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SEO institute, SEO training institute, SEO courses chennai

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  1. Online Marketing Company SEO SEM SMO Training & Services www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  2. What is Internet Marketing Search engine optimization Social media marketing Email marketing Referral marketing Content marketing Native advertising Search engine marketing Pay per click Cost per impression Search analytics Web analytics Display advertising Contextual advertising Behavioral targeting Affiliate marketing Cost per action Revenue sharing Mobile advertising www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  3. Top 3 Internet Marketing Techniques • SEO • SEM • SMO www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  4. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is also shortly called as SEO. It is the process of displaying the best visibility of a webpage or website in search engine’s. It is done by 2 methods as Organic and Inorganic. Organic results is the natural results done by a SEO expert which is unpaid to search engine’s. There are organic search results like Text, Image, Video and local search. Inorganic results is the unnatural results done by a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expert which is paid to search engine’s by competition of each keywords. The main advantage in SEM is Ad Extensions, Ad Schedules, Display Network, Search Partners, Remarketing, Bidding and Budgeting. PPC is an advertising program in search engines www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  5. SEO - Organic www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  6. What is SEM? • As we already discussed about Search Engine Marketing which is a method of • displaying a website in Inorganic search results done by Advertising in Google or • Bing search engine’s. • It is done by Keyword Research, Website Popularity, Website Saturationand Backend • Tools provided by Search Engines. • Search Engines that provide SEM programs • Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, Soso.com, Baidu, Seznam.cz, Yandex, Rambler, Timway, Onkosh, Aýna, Leit.is, justdial.com www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  7. SEM - Inorganic www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  8. What is SMO? Social Media Optimization is mainly implemented to create awareness of a brand, product or events. It is similar to search engines in generating more traffic and awareness for a webpage or website. Types of Social Media’s are given below: Social Networking Sites – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedinetc Social Bookmarking sites Social News www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  9. FAQ’s Do I need to implement all the major Internet Marketing techniques for my website? Yes, It is advisable to implement SEO, SEM, SMO techniques for your website. By applying all your website reaches more internet visitors. The more internet visitors may converted as your customers or clients. Can I promote 2 or more websites by implementing Internet Marketing concepts? Yes, But use same brand name, Logo and Contact Address. Do not create different websites by changing your brand name and logo. Internet Visitors are very smart in researching a Business or Product website. They may ignore your business and add negative reviews in internet if you try to list your website using different logo, brand name and contact address. www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  10. FAQ’s As an Online Marketing company, which Internet Marketing method would you recommend for a startup company website? Pay – Immediate Results If you are ready to invest money in advertising, you can try Search Engine Marketing – Google Adwords or Bing Ads. This will help you to display your website in search engine immediately. Once your payment is not eligible to display your website, your ads disappear. You need to pay again for displaying your ads. Wait – Slow Results If you can wait for 1 or 2 months to display your website in search engines, try Search Engine Optimization. You will not be paying to any search engine’s. But you may pay for monthly or yearly subscription for Search Engine Optimization company to list your website on first page of search engine. If your SEO company follows Google or Bing ethical SEO techniques, your website will be on top search results. There is no expiration but positions on your results may vary due to importance given for new websites or increase in existing website promotions. In that case, you have to increase your promotion techniques by following recent Website Architecture and SEO concepts. www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  11. Which one to choose? SEO Training or SEO Services SEO Training If you can learn and implement SEO techniques by yourself for your website, join Search Engine Optimization training classes and implement by handling a team to promote your website. Pay one time and learn all SEO techniques. SEO Services Most of the companies out source their website promotion to SEO companies. They pay for monthly or yearly subscription to display their website for better search results. Reports and Results are sent by SEO companies through Email. www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  12. SEO Training Web Rifer Technologies SEO Training We provide SEO training for Business people and jobseekers. Our SEO training classes are conducted for 10 days and 2 hours / day. For SEO syllabus and course details, please visit www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com Free job referral for jobseekers to Online Marketing companies in Chennai. Any computer Diploma / Degree holders can join this SEO training. Business owners and Marketing people also join and list their website in search engines to get more leads and sales. www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  13. About Online Marketing Trainer Myself ShanmugamGaneshA completed Diploma in Computer Technology and B.Tech I.T with 9 years of Experience in Computer Hardware, Networking, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Website Design, Print Design, Content Writing, Video Creation, Image Creation and Slide Creation. My Experience I joined Sutherland Global Services as a Technical Support – Voice Process executive in 2005 and later moved to Cybernet Slash Support (CSS) in 2007. Got more experience in Computer Hardware, Applications, Security programs, Operating System & Troubleshooting methods. In November 2009 I joined Cognet HR Solutions (Ambattur) as System Administrator. Mr. SaleemYusuff the Managing Director helped me in training Advanced Networking and Security concepts. In 2012, we started Web Rifer Technologies by Designing Website, Providing Domain Names and Web Hosting, Content Writing, SEO, SEM, SMO Training and Services in Chennai. www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

  14. About Web Rifer Technologies • We are providing Internet Marketing Services for both Business and Organizations. • Training and Services • SEO Training • SEM Training • SMO Training • SEO Services • SEM Services • SMO Services • Domain Registration • Web Hosting Service • Content Writing • Website Design • Video Creation • Image Creation • Slide Creation www.webrifer.com www.webrifer.in www.bestseochennai.com www.seoambattur.com

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