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Management. Functions Business Essentials Mr. Weber. Management . Management includes the processes or functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning. Organizing. Controlling. Leading. MANAGER. Management.

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    1. Management Functions Business Essentials Mr. Weber

    2. Management • Management includes the processes or functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning Organizing Controlling Leading MANAGER

    3. Management • Management helps businesses focus on setting and meeting goals efficiently and effectively so that a profit can be made

    4. management • Management also refers to the people who are in charge of running a business

    5. Functions of management • Planning – the act of creating goals and objectives as well as the strategies to meet them. It also involves figuring out the resources that are needed and the standards that must be met

    6. Functions of management • Organizing – allows manager to lead and control employees and activities to get work done. Getting the resources arranged in an orderly and functional way to accomplish goals and objectives.

    7. Functions of management • Leading – involves providing guidance to employees so they can fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Providing direction and vision, enforcing policies and providing feedback.

    8. Functions of management • Controlling – measuring how the business performs to ensure that financial and operational goals are met. Keeping the company on track and making sure that goals are met for budgets, schedules, quality, service. This also involved monitoring customer satisfaction.

    9. Levels of managment • Top Level Manager – responsible for setting goals and planning for the future as well as leading and controlling the work of others. There can be one top level manager in a smaller company or many in a larger firm such as CEO, President, One or more Vice Presidents

    10. Levels of managmenet • Middle Manager – carries out the decisions of top management. Middle managers are often responsible for various departments in a business such as production, marketing and accounting. Responsible for the organizing function as well as leading and controlling the work of others.

    11. Levels of management • Operations Manager – responsible for the daily operations of a business. Supervisors, office managers, and crew leaders are examples. They do some planning and organizing as well, but their main duties include overseeing workers and meeting deadlines (leading and controlling)