for my dear students that cannot log into parenting yet n.
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For my Dear Students that cannot log into Parenting yet. PowerPoint Presentation
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For my Dear Students that cannot log into Parenting yet.

For my Dear Students that cannot log into Parenting yet.

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For my Dear Students that cannot log into Parenting yet.

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  1. For my Dear Students that cannot log into Parenting yet. I have the following assignments for you to do, If you do not have headphones the transcripts are provided under the videos.

  2. Hi! I am Mrs. Steigerwald • I am soo sorry you can not get into your course yet! Have no fear you will not be left behind, in fact you can get a “leg up” by getting as many of your “labs” done before you even get in ;-) • Here is how! • Follow the link • Watch the video(or read the transcripts) picture on the next page) • Answer the questions and save them for when you can get in to the class to submit them.

  3. I scrolled down a little beneath the video and the tab for the transcript is the 4th one over.

  4. How do I submit? • The first Module/Chapter has 3 labs • All three labs should be in one assignment so there is a total of 15 Questions and Answers for Chapter 1 • When you are able to log into Parenting you will THEN submit it under the assessment tabs. • Keep it in a safe place until then,… a thumb drive would be very useful ;-)

  5. Chapter 1 Lab First videoWhat Makes a Good Parent? • • If you can not hear the video there is a link in the tabs below the video for the transcript. • These are the question for the video: • 1.What makes a good parent according to Dr. Tanya Byron? • 2.What are some of the common problems that children might have? • 3.What is the self-fulfilling prophecy? • 4.Why is play important in the parent-child relationship? • 5.Do you think you will be a good parent? Why or why not?

  6. Chapter 1 Second LabDealing WITH Fatherhood • Again if you can not hear there is a transcript below so you can answer questions. • 1.Why did the men say that they were ready for children? • 2.Do the men think that fatherhood changed them? • 3.What did the men have to learn as new fathers? • 4.Do you think the fathers enjoy fatherhood more today than in the past? Why or why not? • 5.What are some of the difficulties that new fathers (and mothers) face?

  7. Chapter 1 Lab 3AdoraSvitak: What adults can learn from kids • • 1.What are some of the great things that kids have done in the world? • 2.What are some of the benefits of being “childish”? • 3.Why does Svitak say that adults should listen and learn from kids and not just have kids learning from kids? Do you agree? Why or why not? • 4.Why is trust important in the relationship between kids and adults for learning to take place? • 5.Do you agree with Svitak that parents and adults should have high expectations for kids? Why?

  8. Chapter/Module 2 Lab #1Five Dangerous Things for Kids • Lab link: • 1.Do you agree with GeverTulley that the increasing safety regulations for children are limiting children’s opportunities to interact with the world around them? Why or why not? • 2.What can children learn from playing with fire? • 3.Which of the “dangerous things” do you think would most beneficial for children? Why? • 4.What role do you think parents should play in helping their children explore the world? How can parents protect their children and let them explore?

  9. Chapter/Module 2Play is More Fun • Link: • 1.In the two images that Stuart Brown shows at the beginning of his talk, what are the differences? • 2.What is body play? What is object play? What is social play? • 3.What does play do for the brain? • 4.What happens when animals are play deprived? • 5.What is neoteny? • 6.Do you think play is important in your life? Why or why not?

  10. More to Come • This is just to get you started in the course • I will continue adding to this power point so keep checking back to my site!!