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Tweeting for Profit

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Tweeting for Profit. Jeremy Espie Denis Lemeshchenko. Introduction. 1,841% user base growth as of 2008. 300 million users as of December, 2011. 1.6 billion search queries per day. 300 million tweets per day. Business Solutions.

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Tweeting for Profit

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tweeting for profit

Tweeting for Profit

Jeremy Espie

Denis Lemeshchenko


1,841% user base growth as of 2008.

300 million users as of December, 2011.

1.6 billion search queries per day.

300 million tweets per day.

business solutions
Business Solutions

Chris Drey – VP of product marketing at Fliqz, an online video-hosting service with 20 employees.

Looked for cheap marketing outlet for the company’s services.

One customer interaction led to increased customer satisfaction.

Had marketing budget of $15,000.

With the help of Twitter, secured 21 new sales leads and a $6000/year contract.

Now spends 8 hours/week doing business on Twitter.

growing trend
Growing Trend

“It’s the most conversational medium in the world. It’s immediate, public and searchable. It’s never been easier to know what your customers and your prospects are saying about you.” – Jackie Huba

Online Marketing Consulting

Companies like Comcast, JetBlue, Starbucks, Whole Foods and Zappos are following suit.

Able to interact with hundreds of thousands of customers daily for free.

success stories
Success Stories

52Teas, a Wichita tea company has well more than doubled its handcrafted tea sales as a result of using Twitter.

In 2007, the company shipped 1 – 2 packages per week.

Today, the company ships 52 packages a week.

twitter disadvantages
Twitter Disadvantages

Difficult to protect the brand name in the public domain.

No sophisticated ways to filter the increasing chatter.

Risk of becoming a Twitter reject if over-Tweeting.

Be careful of what you say, as it remains on the site permanently.


If you were a business, would you use Twitter? How and Why?

What other free media outlets, besides Twitter and Facebook, can companies use to reach out to customers?

Would personal contact from companies on Twitter or other social media make you feel more valued as a customer?


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