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Safe Zone Training

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Safe Zone Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safe Zone Training. Lisa Hager UW-Waukesha @ lmhager. What is a Safe Zone?.

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Safe Zone Training

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  1. Safe Zone Training Lisa Hager UW-Waukesha @lmhager

  2. What is a Safe Zone? It is a space in which people of diverse backgrounds, especially members of the LGBTQIA community, are welcome and included. Allies create these spaces by being open in their support and acting as advocates. Safe Zones help to establish a campus as an inclusive educational environment where all members can learn and share new ideas.

  3. LGBTQIA? • Lesbian • Gay • Bisexual • Transgender • Queer/ Questioning • Intersex • Asexual/ Ally

  4. Why are Safe Zones important? • Increase the retention and academic success of LGBTQIA students • Increase retention and academic success of all students with diverse backgrounds • Foster an inclusive environment, which exposes all members of the campus community to new ideas and different world views

  5. Three Safe Zone Tips • Don’t assume you know someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity (or any part of that person’s identity) just by looking at him/her/them.

  6. Three Safe Zone Tips • Keep all personal information that a student or colleague may communicate in an assignment or meeting confidential. Avoid outing anyone.

  7. Three Safe Zone Tips • If a student comes out to you in an assignment or meeting, listen and be supportive. Be careful about giving advice. Freely admit if you don’t know something, and point the student in the direction of appropriate resources.

  8. On-Campus Resources • LBGTQIA Resource Center (Lorran) • Pride Alliance (Tim & Lisa) • Mental Health Counseling (Amy)

  9. Being an Ally An ally is defined as an individual who works to end oppression personally and professionally through support and advocacy of an oppressed population, in this context, LGBTQIA individuals. Although many LGBTQIA allies identify as straight, it is important to understand that LGBTQIA individuals can be allies to themselves and other members of the LGBTQIA community by actively supporting the needs of their community.

  10. Being an Ally • Why do you want to be an Ally? • What are the responsibilities of an Ally? • What are ways you can be an Ally?

  11. Scenarios Thoughts? Ideas?

  12. Final Thoughts Questions? Feedback?