flip animation and web 2 0 animation n.
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Flip Animation and Web 2.0 Animation PowerPoint Presentation
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Flip Animation and Web 2.0 Animation

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Flip Animation and Web 2.0 Animation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flip Animation and Web 2.0 Animation. By Jon Morris Technology Educator. Take a Moment and load up Pivot. Try to do this now. As the presentation will take a few minutes and it would be nice to have this ready to go. If you do not have a windows system, consider downloading Stykz for Macs.

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Flip Animation and Web 2.0 Animation

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flip animation and web 2 0 animation

Flip Animationand Web 2.0 Animation

By Jon Morris

Technology Educator

take a moment and load up pivot
Take a Moment and load up Pivot
  • Try to do this now. As the presentation will take a few minutes and it would be nice to have this ready to go. If you do not have a windows system, consider downloading Stykz for Macs
simple story simple figures simple background simple software
Simple Story, Simple Figures, Simple Background, Simple Software
  • Who has worked with animations?
simple story
Simple Story

Think of a childhood story or poem that is close to your heart.

simple backgrounds
Simple Backgrounds
  • Use basic colors to demonstrate day, night, forest, water.
  • Keep your scene in one place.
  • Create a background with two primary colors. One for ground and one for sky.
simple figures and objects
Simple Figures and Objects
  • Limit the number of figures.
  • Use one or two objects, if necessary.
simple dialogue
Simple Dialogue
  • Avoid complex dialogue.
  • Use text if you need it.
  • Let the pictures tell the story.
what do you use
What do you use?
  • Paint programs that you use?
  • MovieMaker Type Programs that you use?
  • Presentation Programs that you use?
  • Paint
  • Sumopaint
  • Art Rage
  • Paint.net
  • Google Documents Drawing
figures and objects
Figures and Objects
  • JPEGS with a white background
  • GIFs
  • Clip Art
animation software
Animation Software
  • PowerPoint: Presentation
  • Smartboard: Presentation Software
  • Movie Maker Live or Movie Maker
  • Goanimate for Education: Animation Software
  • Blabberize: Head Shot Animation
  • Pivot: Stick figure Animation
  • Google Documents Presentation
goanimate for education
Goanimate for Education
  • Go Animate for Education: Free for 6 months, but limited.
  • 5th Grades on up.
  • The free program does not allow students to create characters.
  • This program has a learning curve, but it is not hard to use.
  • No download, totally Web.20 Based
goanimate for education1
Goanimate for Education
  • Here is an Example
  • http://goanimate4schools.com/school/stjohnsbury
  • http://goanimate4schools.com/movie/0RdeyovyoVjQ/1
blabberize com
  • Take a picture and upload it to Blabberize.
  • Create a teacher account and have students save their work on one account.
  • Problems do exist
    • persevere
power point animation
Power Point Animation
  • Open up a Power Point.
  • Find or create a back ground.
  • Find or create object (figure in clip art)
  • Page One, place background and objects
  • Page Two, modify figure rotate and move.
  • Repeat
  • Create Folder
  • Save as: JPEG format Images Into Folder. Select All Images.
movie maker
Movie Maker

Please Perform in Order

  • Open Movie Maker Live (Movie Maker Requires you change duration/transitions first).
  • Import Pictures, Select All
  • Adjust Duration Times to .15 or.25
  • Press play to view speed. Adjust to taste.
  • Add Title and Credits.
mac s
  • IMOVIE: Simply change transition or duration times for the slides.
  • Paintbrush for Macs
  • Keynote for Presentation Software
google apps for education
Google Apps for Education
  • Google Apps can also be used to create these types of presentations.
  • Google Presentation
  • Google Drawing
  • Watch this Google Slam
simple story1
Simple Story

Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. So create a simple idea:

Billy Goats Gruff (Part 1)

  • Beginning: Goat want to cross bridge.
  • Middle: Troll stops goat on bridge.
  • End: Troll throws goat into water.
  • http://pbone.it-mate.co.uk/pivot.htm
  • Stykz for MAC’s ( I have not used this program)
create your background
Create Your Background

Use your favorite paint program.

open pivot
Open Pivot
  • File Load background.
  • Add figure or create your own figure.
  • Click next frame.
  • Modify figure.
  • Click next frame.
  • Vermont’s Internet Safety Project
  • www.vtisp.org