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Ares Galaxy Review

Check out this ares review to see why it is the best p2p program out right now

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Ares Galaxy Review

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  1. Download Ares at http://AresDownloadFree.net/

  2. Ares is a free, open source peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing program produced in 2002. Ares is very similar to other P2P file sharing software like Napster and LimeWire. The principle is straightforward: users make their pictures, videos, audio and documents accessible to the public so others can download them. Ares initially worked under the Gnutella network, however its developers decided to break away and create a new network, naming it Ares Galaxy. • It started off extremely well for Ares. Ares was simple and it was efficient. Restrictive systems were not a problem. Damaged data were not a problem with Ares, compared to similar P2P programs. But as its appeal soared, cracks began to appear. Dodgy data began to appear in the system when anti-piracy groups got wind of Ares. It became hard to set up connections, and it was easy to get file types infected with spyware. Ares has since made its source code available to the planet. Ares is a long way from dead, and continuing improvement eliminates old issues while making new features. Ares 2. 1. 7 is the latest edition of the application, featuring an uncluttered user interface, a built-in media player, chat rooms, BitTorrent support and online radio streaming.

  3. Eliminate junk and arrange your file types with Ares’ powerful library manager. Files can be grouped by enter and shared folders can be easily added or eliminated. The quick search function allows you to look for files fast. By typing a search term in the search field, you get a list of results. Ares’ built-in media player allows instant file playback and playlist creation. While songs and video file types are downloading, you can even test them using the media player. Listen to streaming music at Shoutcast radio if you get bored waiting for downloads to finish. • Ares chat rooms allow you to participate in the online user community. Ask questions, start your own topic or just have fun chatting. Ares even allows you to make your very own chat room. Ares uses multi-source downloading, where files are downloaded from lots of sources rather than just one peer. You get data quicker with this method. No need to be concerned about changing your preferences, as the process is automatic.

  4. The original Ares (Ares Galaxy) is generally stable and tidy. The commands are also straightforward to use even for novice users. People used to LimeWire or FrostWire may whine about the plain user interface, but this free software was not created to be eye candy. Ares is no-frills, and gets the job done quickly. • Top on the minus list is not the application per se, but the horde of Ares spin offs all over the web. Clones like Ares Ultra, Ares Complete, Ares Vista and Ares Gold are a few examples. It’s okay to pay for a better program, but these programs seldom deliver. Not to mention they come packaged with adware and viruses. If Ares is not acting as marketed, then it is most likely a harmful clone. The genuine Ares Galaxy does not have malware, and you don’t have to spend anything to use it. To make sure you get the genuine edition, download the software from Ares Download.

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