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Digital Marketing Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Applications

Digital Marketing Applications

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Digital Marketing Applications

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  1. Digital Marketing Applications MBA-IV Sem Unit-1 Salil Bhatia

  2. Marketing Paradigms • Relationship marketing • Network marketing • Diversity marketing • Evangelism marketing • Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)

  3. Shift • From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing

  4. From Product To Service

  5. From Monologue To Dialogue

  6. Impact Of Technology On Marketing • The start of the marketing arena in 1450 had never imagined that it would blossom into an amphitheater. It is a place where all the warriors are armed to take the world on a roll.  Right from Gutenberg’s metal movable type (1450) to television advertisements (1941) and integrated marketing (2000), competition has grown in leaps and bounds and so has human imagination.

  7. Impact Of Technology On Marketing • The best outcome of bringing in technology has been innovation. With today’s rat race innovation stands as a mantra to success. The products in market have taken the audience by the storm. There are umpteen numbers of products lying in the markets to satisfy the needs and desire of the human race. The needs be it basic, latent or dreamt has been keeping the marketers on their toes. These needs have brought in a revolution.

  8. The basic definition and concepts of marketing haven’t changed for many decades. It has seamlessly transformed from yester years black and white to colored version. The road from door to door marketing to online marketing has covered a great length. The right blend of technology and innovation has been a strong pillar to this.

  9. “technology will remain a driving force and innovation will rare up new horizons for marketers”

  10. Definition • Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing.

  11. Today's Market Scenario

  12. Digital Marketing

  13. Digital Marketing Strategy

  14. Video for future •