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By S tuart Callinan. Soccer. Why I am interested in Soccer. I am interested in soccer because I think that it is a fun sport to play with your friends. I think it fun also because I am good at it. Where do I take place in Soccer.

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why i am interested in soccer
Why I am interested in Soccer

I am interested in soccer because I think that it is a fun sport to play with your friends. I think it fun also because I am good at it.

where do i take place in soccer
Where do I take place in Soccer

I play for a club called the Eltham Red Backs in Eltham North.

equipment needed
Equipment Needed

The equipment needed for a game of soccer or training is a pair of shin pads, soccer boots and socks. Jewellery is not accepted in a game and you need at a minimum 11 players on the field.

types of equipment
Types of Equipment
  • There are many varieties of nearly everything in soccer. Soccer balls, socks, shirts, shin pads and boots.
skills required
Skills Required

To be able to be skilled at soccer, you need to be fast and quick for when dribbling a soccer ball. You also need to have strong legs so that you can kick the ball over a long stretch of the pitch

the cost of registering
The Cost of Registering

Soccer depending on the club usually costs around $1000 dollars a year to register for a club.

how often i play for
How Often I Play For

Every time I train for soccer, It usually takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. A game takes 90 minutes but for some clubs, it is only for 1 hour.

how i f irst f ound o ut a bout soccer
How I First Found Out About Soccer

When I first found out about this sport was on an advertisement for milo where a group of soccer players including Tim Cahill and Harry Kewell were kicking a soccer ball under a table at a very high speed with out losing control. This inspired me to play this sport and try and reach a high degree of skill. That is one of the reason I am interested in this sport. Another reason is because I think that it is fun despite what other AFL supporters think about it.

why p eople s hould p lay soccer
Why People Should Play Soccer

Soccer is a sport that is cooperative, fun to do and makes you feel good about playing when you know that you are good at it and you get invited to different teams.

where else s occer c an b e p layed
Where Else Soccer Can Be Played
  • Bundoora
  • Eltham
  • Doreen
  • Doncaster
  • Diamond Creek
  • St Helena
my history of soccer
My History of Soccer

I have been playing soccer for 8 years straight. I started at the age of five and have been playing for many different clubs. The first club that I played for was Whitford City. It was where I found out about the main rules of the game. Since then I moved from Perth to Melbourne and learned even more skills and joined many clubs.