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  1. Soccer By; Irving Flores And Elmer Hernandez

  2. Who knows when it began? Kicking is fairly instinctive in humans. Even 3000 years ago, someone may have kicked a rock around, and perhaps one day, someone kicked it back, and so it began. By 1870, a lot of people practiced the sport mainly for entertainment, on their only free day, Sunday. By 1885, soccer was becoming more popular, so the FA (Football Association) decided to make it official, and they organized the first tournament in 1887. History

  3. 11 Basic rules: 1- The field of play; keep the ball within the field. 2- The ball; must have a circumference of 68-70 cm. 3- Number of players; 22 players on the field at a time, 11 on each team. 4- Player’s equipment; Uniform must be the same for all of the players in one team, and must wear cleats. 5- Referee; makes sure all the rules are followed properly, and responsible for sanctioning if not. 6- Assistant referee; Help main referee with off-sides and things he may not have been able to witness clearly. 7- Start & restart of the play; Whenever the ball goes out of bounds, or someone makes a foul, the person that last touched the ball, or committed the infraction granted either a throw-in, goal kick, free kick, indirect free kick or penalty kick 8- Duration of the match; 2 halves of 45 minutes each, with a 15-minute break in-between. 9- The ball in and out of play; The ball is in play as long as it stays within the field bounds, or unless the referee calls a foul. 10- Methods of scoring- use anything except hands to score, if the ball makes it completely past the line, it’s a goal no matter what. 11- The Offside; A player can not receive a pass if he is behind the last man (not including goalie) of the opposite team, if he does, its an offside. Rules

  4. Field

  5. There’s 22 players allowed on the field at the same time, 11 from each team. Players

  6. Technology has improved soccer by designing new and better balls and cleats, that make the game more practical, and more fun to play. The main companies at this time, that has done this is Nike, and Adidas. Technology effects

  7. The main governing association for soccer is the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association.) The FIFA makes all the rules and regulations for soccer, if there’sany changes to these, they first have to beapproved by the FFIA. FIFA

  8. The World Cup is the major event associated with soccer. World Cup

  9. The top players at this moment are; Lionel Messi ChristianoRonaldo ZlatanIbrahimovic Steven Gerrard Samuel Eto’o Kaka Xavi Andres Iniesta Frank Lampard Fernando Torres Tops

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