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Best Online Business Mentors | CoFoundersLab PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Online Business Mentors | CoFoundersLab

Best Online Business Mentors | CoFoundersLab

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Best Online Business Mentors | CoFoundersLab

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  1. World's Best Online Business Mentors Only available at COFOUNDERSLAB Making Entrepreneurship Affordable & Accessible

  2. CoFoundersLab Table Of Content Introduction Our Services About Us Our Services Our Team Our Services Why Us ? Our Services 1

  3. CoFoundersLab Introduction CofoundersLab Affordable and Accessible, for Anyone, Anywhere. Full service platform Entrepreneurs. An amazing community supporting each other's success. A platform to help you make your idea a reality. Connect, meet and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world by joining for FREE! is making Entrepreneurship for Founders & 2

  4. CoFoundersLab About Us Founded in 2011, CoFoundersLab has been dedicated to assisting entrepreneurial-minded individuals in gaining access to the tools they require in order to succeed. Since then, CoFoundersLab has been the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs using technology and AI algorithms to make connections in the business world seamlessly and efficiently 3

  5. Our Team 4

  6. Our Services Find Your CoFounder From advisors, investors, mentors & entrepreneurs, CoFoundersLab provides you with all the means necessary to find the perfect fit for your startup. CoFounder Smart-Search All that you could need Build your network 5

  7. CoFoundersLab Our Services Turbocharge Your Startup Growth A curated 20 week program to accelerate your business. A dedicated program of content, resources and materials to take your business to the next level Direct personalized mentoring to cater to your specific needs Helping you build you perfect pitch deck to raise capital to grow your business Exclusive groups to keep the founder focused with group accountability 6

  8. Our Services Find Your Advisors 1 Connect directly with vetted business advisors and mentors covering all industries Prepare, maintain and perfect your business strategy for best-in-class results 2 3 Expand your network and opportunities with advisors, mentors and associates 4 Gain instant access to years of knowledge from industry practitioners 7

  9. Our Services All the Tools for Success Hours of downloadable materials, workbooks, and resources to arm you with everything you need start, grow and fund your business. 8

  10. Why Us ? Testimonial “In CoFoundersLab I have found a community of passionate founders and advisors who help each other by sharing their experiences with direct feedback that allows a founder to grow and develop their company to its potential. Its been my favorite group to network with like-minded professionals.” - Heather Dawson CEO, Xiggit 9

  11. Contact Us +1-646-547-1215 1925 Century Park E Los Angeles, California 90067, US Thank you for your attention 10