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GO KART FOR SHANE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GO KART FOR SHANE. CLIENT CONTACT: Shane Davis, 6 Sunrise Drive, Columbia CT 954-850-5448 TEAM 3: Jeff Marcelus Bramatej Meka Raymond Songer. OVERVIEW. About the Client Limitations Specifications Implementation Acknowledgements . Shane Davis.

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    1. GO KART FOR SHANE CLIENT CONTACT: Shane Davis, 6 Sunrise Drive, Columbia CT 954-850-5448 TEAM 3: Jeff Marcelus BramatejMeka Raymond Songer

    2. OVERVIEW • About the Client • Limitations • Specifications • Implementation • Acknowledgements

    3. Shane Davis • Age: 20 years old • Weight: 120 pounds • Height: 5’ 3” • Disability: • Cerebral Palsy • Spastic Quadriplegia

    4. Limitations • Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia • Spastic quadriplegia is a form of cerebral palsy in which all four limbs are affected. • The condition is referred to as spastic rather than paralysis because the patient has some movement in all of his limbs. • Shane has very limited hip movement and strength, which when combined with severe quadriplegia leaves him confined to a wheel chair.

    5. Product Specifications Major Components • 90cc electric start Gasoline engine • Full support seat with armrest control panel • Cushioned seat with 5-point harness • Fully automated hydraulic braking • Fully automated electric steering • Fully automated throttle • Automatic transmission with reverse • 4-wheel independent suspension Major Modifications Made • Joystick controller • Multidirectional for throttle, braking, and steering control • Ability to use a conventional driving setup • Low resistance steering wheel with electric steering • Remote starter with kill switch • Onboard kill switch • Rugged electronics for off-road use

    6. Mechanical Aspect of Kart • 90cc 4-stroke gasoline motor with electric start • Steel frame • Dimensions (L*W*H): 66”x42”x40” • Hydraulic disc brakes • 220 pound weight capacity • Automatic transmission with reverse • Full suspension with 3.3” of travel • All terrain tires

    7. Control Panel • The control panel will allow Shane to start/stop the engine, control the lights, and let him know what gear he is in


    9. Conventional Driving Mode • A conventional driving mode will be available for Shane • The brake and gas pedal are both depressed manually • The steering wheel will input information to a rotational potentiometer • This information will be relayed through a microcontroller which will engage the electric motor and turn the front wheels

    10. Joystick Mode • The go kart will have the ability to be controlled by a bidirectional joystick • Forward: Throttle (+Y) • This engages a linear actuator that pulls a cable which in turn depresses the gas pedal • Backward: Brake (-Y) • This engages a linear actuator that directly depresses the brake pedal • Left to Right: Steering (-X to +X) • This engages a DC motor which is connected to the steering column via a chain and sprocket system

    11. Steering • The steering is controlled with a Dayton Gear-motor that has been geared to provide 75 in-pounds of torque • Controls steering viaa chain and sprocket system • Replaces the input to the steering column and controls the rack and pinion • The motor and steering column will have the same size sprocket as the motor, providing enough torque to turn the front wheels with a 1:1 ratio • Feedback to the microcontroller is provided by a linear sensor potentiometer

    12. Throttle and Braking • Both the throttle and the braking are controlled by high speed linear actuators • Throttle- Linear actuator pulls on a pulley to accelerate. • Braking- Linear actuator presses against the brake.

    13. SEAT • Bucket Seat • Good lumbar support (padding) • Taken from an electric wheel chair • Provides client with added insurance of arm rests • The seat is capable of folding down on itself to provide access to the motor and electronics • 5 point harness • Will keep the client secure when navigating difficult terrain


    15. Microcontroller • Controls the entire electronic system (BRAIN) • Arduino UNO • PWM (PULSE WIDTH MODULATION) outputs

    16. Firgelli Linear Actuator Control Board • LAC Firgueli • Controls the speed, retraction limits, and precision • Gives feedback regarding the position of the motor or actuator to the microcontroller

    17. Acknowledgements • The Davis Family • Dr. John Enderle • Fred Wright • Ian Wallis • MarekWartenberg

    18. QUESTIONS?