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Games Releases Available Soon This December PowerPoint Presentation
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Games Releases Available Soon This December

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Games Releases Available Soon This December
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Games Releases Available Soon This December

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  2. Leading Wii U Video Games Nintendo is back and back with a bang! The brand new unit from Nintendo is known as Wii U and it will add spice to the rivalry between Nintendo, Play Station and X-Box. The Nintendo Wii U GamePad has been stuffed with sophisticated features such as touch screen capability and Full Wide Video Graphics Array and so forth. All of the gamers appear pretty excited regarding the new Wii U. Thus, we thought of expressing our opinion about some of the best games for Nintendo Wii U. Let us begin our review with the discussion about the most popular Nintendo game. You guessed it right! We're talking about the FIFA series. The forthcoming FIFA game for Nintendo Wii U is called FIFA 13. The Wii U controllers are believed to add a new dimension to the FIFA game play, presenting brand new range of skills and moves to the players. The touch screen will give more convenience and excitement to the gamers. You will get the opportunity to set the direction and weight of your moves and control the speed of your game. Interestingly, you will be able to talk with others within the field and raise your issues regarding different matters of the game. These options make the FIFA 13 an amazing video game for Wii U buyers. Tekken is another game which is well worth talking about in any kind of overview of Wii U games. Once again, Namco promises to make this particular game a fantastic treat for arcade games' enthusiasts. The game will have many new features such as the capacity to create customized combos as well as attacks, which will make it much more interesting. The game will have a better artificial intelligence engine, which won't let you get away with random kicks as well as punches. You'll have to make use of your skills to master the game. The next Wii U game which will amaze the Nintendo enthusiasts is Assasin's creed. The game is not only exciting but also very detail oriented. Game enthusiasts can get even more fun with the fresh graphics and controllers of Nintendo Wii U. The latest release is set to win hearts of the game enthusiasts for its new stories regarding the game figures as well as a vibrant gameplay. Lastly, we wish to take a look at a traditional shooter game for Wii U. Battlefield is one of the most played warfare game of our time. This game is expected to include its imaginative war strategies as well as first-class control for players. You can use your own approach and make use of the features of the game to devise your own tactic in battle field. The famous designer of this particular game, Electronic Arts, has promised to provide new as well as intriguing features in this game. These as well as other Nintendo Wii U games have raised the interest of video game community. These game titles are going to be welcomed with wide open arms. To get a free Wii U, you must take a look at Wii U Site.