welcome to newcastle city learning n.
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Welcome to Newcastle City Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Newcastle City Learning

Welcome to Newcastle City Learning

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Welcome to Newcastle City Learning

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  1. Welcome to Newcastle City Learning

  2. About the course… • Aims of the course • Level • Length • Attendance – 80% • Demands • Assessment and Progression • Costs

  3. About the centre… • Fire exits • Toilets • Refreshments • Car Parking

  4. Our Policies… Complaints Procedure Disability Statement Equal Opportunities Health & Safety (inc No smoking policy) Hospitality & Gifts Safeguarding Student Charter Please refer to your Learner Handbook or for full details of all policies please visit

  5. Newcastle City Learning is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of learners and expects all staff to share this commitment. We want to provide a safe learning environment in which everyone; staff, learners and volunteers are responsible for: • Respecting others peoples’ rights to safety • Not hurting or abusing others • Not threatening to hurt or abuse others • If you have any concerns, please contact a member of staff. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

  6. Additional Support If at any point during the course you feel you would benefit from any additional support, please let me know so that we can discuss what’s best for you. Discretionary Learner Support and 24+ Bursary Funds If your household income is less than £21,000 you may be able to apply for help with costs such as course fees, childcare and resources. Funds are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please ask the adult education office for details.

  7. You can expect us to… provide an environment that is free from prejudice, discrimination and harassment value and respect the differences in others promote a positive learning environment with a culture that promotes respect for all

  8. What we expect from you… Our basic ground rules: Respect and listen to others Challenge bad behaviour Maintain good attendance and time keeping Keep mobile phones silent …over to you?

  9. Your Learner Liaison: • Lee Turner If you have any ideas for events, improvements to your learning experience, social activities or you need any advice and guidance, Lee is available at West Gate.

  10. NUS Cards NUS cards are now available to Newcastle City Learning’s learners. Simply register with NUS online ( and quote ‘Newcastle City Learning’ as your place of study. Your new card will be sent to your Learner Liaison for collection.

  11. Tell us what you think… Your feedback is important to us and we will ask you to let us know how we’re doing. If you have any immediate concerns about the course or the venue, please let me or the adult education staff know so that we can find a solution.

  12. Postponed/Cancelled Sessions If your tutor is sick or during periods of adverse weather it may be necessary to close cancel sessions. In this event we will make alternative arrangements so that your learning is not interrupted. This may include completing work at home, via the internet or by adding time after the published end date of the course.

  13. Applying to University UCAS Workshops run from the end of September. You must sign up to attend. Personal Tutors will be assigned to help with UCAS applications by Monday 30th September. General deadline 15 January 2014 Our deadline 20 December 2013 If you are applying for a university place for September 2014 and have not been allocated a personal tutor by the end of September, please let us know.

  14. …and finallyOur Standard Fair Processing Notice is located at the Adult Education Reception