marketing the american legion boys state of kansas n.
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Marketing the American Legion Boys State of Kansas PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing the American Legion Boys State of Kansas

Marketing the American Legion Boys State of Kansas

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Marketing the American Legion Boys State of Kansas

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  1. Marketing the American Legion Boys State of Kansas From Good to Great!

  2. Presenters • Scott Bley – Executive Director • Thane Chastain – Director of Development

  3. Good to Great Inflection point Good, not great Good, not great What made the difference The Director’s Conference ought to be the place (the inflection point) where many programs can take away concepts other states have used to make their programs great; more than just good. This conference is about change, not about staying the same.

  4. “A great organization is one that delivers superior performance and makes a distinctive impact over a long period of time.” - page 5

  5. Superior Performance Distinctive Impact Lasting Endurance

  6. Level 5 leadership they work, not for themselves, but for the greater good. they have the will to do whatever it takes to make good on that ambition make sure the right decisions happen for the long term greater good of the institution and the achievement of its mission, independent of consensus or popularity

  7. Confront the brutal facts skyrocketing opportunities for Juniors during this week Legion showing general decline in membership we remain an unknown to most people turnover in school counselor connections

  8. Get the right people ‘on the bus’ compulsively driven people to make whatever they touch the best in can be. an almost neurotic need to improve. -page 13

  9. Who gets on Who gets off Who is sitting in the right seat

  10. First – make the process selective This leads to credibility

  11. Second – social sectors desperate craving for meaning in our lives. This has the power to ignite passion and commitment.

  12. Third – enough of the right people willing to commit themselves to the mission.

  13. 1. What are you deeply passionate about • 2. What can you be the best in the world at • 3. What best drives your economic engine

  14. Are you a fox or a hedgehog? • Foxes pursue many ends at the same time and see the world in all its complexity. They are “scattered or diffused, moving on many levels,” says Berlin, never integrating their thinking into one overall concept or unifying vision. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, simplify a complex world into a single organizing idea, a basic principle or concept that unifies and guides everything. It doesn’t matter how complex the world, a hedgehog reduces all challenges and dilemmas to simple—indeed almost simplistic—hedgehog ideas. For a hedgehog, anything that does not somehow relate to the hedgehog idea holds no relevance.

  15. Hedgehog Concept • attain ‘piercing’ clarity about how to produce the best long-term results

  16. What are you deeply passionate about What you can be the best in the world at What drives your resource engine

  17. What are you deeply passionate about Staff What you can be the best in the world at What drives your resource engine Curriculum Sponsors

  18. The Point: They are not in the same direction.

  19. Good to Great Inflection point Good, not great Good, not great What made the difference

  20. 555

  21. Winston Churchill • If you are going through hell, keep going.

  22. Redefining Great:When more is not better • Determine Optimum Enrollment • Working Within Current Enrollment • Working Toward Optimum Enrollment

  23. Determining Your Optimum Enrollment • List all of the governing bodies and positions available • Determine the ideal size of each governing body • Additional constraints: • Facilities, housing • Staff • What is your optimum enrollment?

  24. Working Within Your Current Enrollment • Adjust governing bodies and positions based on current enrollment • Determine number of staff based on enrollment and budget • Determine where to position your staff for a good stater to staff ratio.

  25. Working Toward Your Optimum Enrollment • Focus on a successful program • Curriculum and Activities • Staff Placement and Training • Develop a recruiting plan • Divide up the state into regions • Setting regional goals • Focus on schools that produce • Develop a marketing plan

  26. Short History of Marketing Project

  27. Competitive Advantage • Unique, Enjoyable Opportunity to Learn About Civic Government • As the Legion promotes, Boys State is specifically designed to help young men learn about how government works. Seven of the schools interviewed as part of this marketing research said they understand this primary purpose and tell their students that “Boys State is an opportunity to learn about leadership and government.”

  28. Competitive Advantage • Opportunity to Spend a Week on a College Campus • The students who participate in Boys State are boys who have plans to attend a traditional college or university. The experience of being on a college campus just a year prior to enrolling in a college or university is an exciting, valued experience that helps prepare students for the transition to college life.

  29. Competitive Advantage • Opportunity to Make Life-Long Friends • One of the most dynamic and valued take-aways of the Boys State experience is how the week fosters new friendships that often last well beyond the week.

  30. Competitive Advantage • Opportunity to Enhance and Build Leadership Skills • Alumni who are college-bound and career-minded know that the Boys State experience “looks good on a resume.”

  31. Situational Analysis • From the Interviews/Research — • “The role of the local American Legion cannot be overstated and this may be a problem in the immediate future. The Osborne High School counselor was interviewed the same day that their American Legion contact, a long-time member of the post and the community, died. Only two of the schools indicated the presence of a strong American Legion. Most schools said that their local posts were experiencing lower membership or were nonexistent. Other relationships, such as teachers and counselors, have been severed due to retirement. While substitutes had been found in most of these cases, none of those schools were certain whether recruiting would continue as it had in the past.”

  32. Situational Analysis • From the Interviews/Research — • “Work and sports camp were the two most frequently mentioned competitors, and for some students, work is not optional after their junior year. Students in poor areas, both urban and rural, must work to help support their families.” • “In addition to work and sports camp, other competition was listed as music (band) camp, Spanish club, leadership camp (Rotary-sponsored and Kansas Association of Youth Leadership) and Junior Achievement-type opportunities.”

  33. Situational Analysis • Visual approach varies; different logos are used in different places. • Graphic standards are needed to establish the correct use of the logo, colors, fonts and where and when to use the American Legion brand.

  34. Objectives 1) Stabilize Enrollment – The annual Kansas Boys State goal is 550 boys attending for the week. 2) Raise Overall Awareness – The level of awareness shifts from school to school throughout the state based on previous participation. We need to find a way to raise awareness in every school in order to raise enrollment. Some schools will not be able to participate every year, but each school in Kansas should be aware of the program. 3) Raise Awareness Among Key Audiences – These key audiences include students, educators, parents and members of the community. 4) Create a Unified Brand – Kansas Boys State realizes that the variety of visual graphics and “looks” currently used can contribute to a cloudy brand image.

  35. Strategies • 1) Broaden pool of prospective students by opening enrollment to include younger participants. • 2) Consolidate the brand in terms of look and message. • 3) Create a new distribution system for your product that focuses on relationships at all levels. • Schools – Educators • Students and Young Alumni • Businesses and Communities • Parents

  36. Creative Strategies & Action Plans • Logo/Visual Brand Revision 1. New Logo Graphic 2. Font and Word Mark Usage 3. Graphic Standards • New Print Collateral 1. Overview Brochure 2. Letterhead, Envelopes, Cards

  37. Key Message • Only one counselor (from a participating school) said she wouldn’t buy the slogan, “A week to shape a lifetime.” All others said they liked it and some liked it very much.

  38. New Key Message • “A week that changed my life.”

  39. New Descriptor • The American Legion Boys State Leadership Academy

  40. New Wordmark

  41. New Positioning Statement

  42. New Fonts

  43. New T-Shirt Design-Staters