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Censored. By Ellie Rawlings, Sam Jewiss & Louise Heathorn.

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By Ellie Rawlings, Sam Jewiss & Louise Heathorn

last house on the left

When – The film the Last House On The Left (1972) was banned by the BBFC until 2002 when it was made available on vhs, for home video. However it was later banned in 1984 when the Video Recordings Act took place. Even though the film was banned twice, the uncut version was not passed until 2008.

Why? – The film contains scenes of strong sexual violence and the BBFC rejected it on the grounds that the material was harmful and breached guidelines. The board concluded it was not suitable for cinemas as it exhibited explicit & sadistic sexual violence. Scenes in the film contains three graphic rape scenes involving knives used on naked women: stripping a woman at knife-point, disemboweling a woman after raping her and knife cuts to a woman's chest during rape. These were some of the gruesome reasons as to why it was banned.

Last House On The Left.

Issues– Although banned because of the Video Recordings Act (1984) people would have still been able to get hold of the video, with the few that were not collected. The current versions of the Last House Of The Left are heavily cut with the USA cutting it by 8 minutes; giving the film a total of 83 minutes. The European releases have been cut to 81 minutes. When open to the public the many people hated the film and additionally complained. As well as this, even some projectionists had cut the film in certain places.

when black sunday 1960 was banned when it was released and was only made available in 1968

Black Sunday.

When – Black Sunday(1960) was banned when it was released and was only made available in 1968.

Why? – The film was mainly banned because of its strong and violent content.


When – This Japanese splatter horror film was made in 2009 and was banned from this year onwards. It is still currently banned for UK viewing due to the strong content.

Why? – This film was banned as a result of its high level of sexual torture. The BBFC refused to give the film an 18 certificate to the unrated version which banned its release in the United Kingdom. Similar to Saw and Hostel, the film featured an unrelenting and escalating scenario of humiliation, brutality and sadism.


Issues - In Japan the film was received less controversially however due the notoriety of the UK reception the Japan Amazon removed the stock of the film. Apart from this, there are no other issues within the UK surrounding Grotesque.