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  1. HEALTH IS OUR WEALTH OUR ABILITY TO REPRODUCE HEALTH or How to use the program of the Institute for Prevention and Rehabilitation

  2. OBJECTIVES: • 1. Help people keep and reproduce their health • 2. Popularization of state programmes for health protection • 3. Economize people's time on the base of personal experience in the use of state programmes

  3. Life is good when you're healthy! Everything seems possible and available with only little effort.

  4. Our everyday life is dynamically loaded with activities  and emotions, and not always satisfying. Occasionally there are discomforts that we ignore or treat with handy tools, but is this enough? Often they leave their mark on the body.

  5. Is there a possibility to extend the period of our cheeriness and comfortable health status? Yes! If you are well informed!

  6. National Insurance Institute (NII), through its regional subsidiaries, operates in the prevention and rehabilitation under Ordinance № 1 of 13 February 2007 on the use and payment of benefits for prevention and rehabilitation (promulgated, SG. 17 from 23.02.2007, amend., SG. 6 of 2009 pcs. 2 of 2010). Persons who can use the program:1. Insured for sickness, maternity and / or accidents at work and occupational diseases; 2. Receiving personal disability pension if they have not reached the age of art. 68, par. 1 of the Social Security Code, are not provided insurance and the period of disability in the decision of the Territorial Expert Medical Commission and the National Expert Medical Commission has not expired.

  7. Sanatorium (Latin: sano - cure) is a prophylactic treatment facility for treatment of chronic diseases mainly using natural conditions (climate, mineral water, mud), physiotherapy equipment, diets and special procedure. Individuals acquire grants for prevention and rehabilitation if they have been paid contributions for a period of six consecutive months preceding the month in which prophylactic and rehabilitation is to be done.

  8. INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS • Persons are entitled to the benefits of prevention and rehabilitation once in a calendar year for 10 days stay. • Bookings for admission to rehabilitation facilities are made by individuals. • Before making the reservations people need to be informed by the regional offices of the National Insurance Institute of: 1. Terms and conditions for use of the right to cash assistance for prevention and rehabilitation; 2. Disease and contraindications for treatment in various sanatoria. Reservations can be made on the first floor of a trade union in the town or booked by phone conversation to the selected sanatorium. Recording starts on March 1. Second Floor of NII Shumen – information site

  9. Documents required for issuance of a certificate of NSSI: Medical direction. (Health Ministry № 119á98). Medical certificate is issued by a physician in duplicate and in it he documents diseases which require prophylactic and rehabilitation. The examination must be issued no - earlier than 20 calendar days before the date of receipt in sanatorium. 2. ID.3. Standard document certifying the person's insurance rights (issued by place of work). 4. Personal ambulatory and / or medical documentation certifying the present and past health condition.

  10. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY IN A SANATORIUM: ID. 2. Certificate of NSSI's - 2 copies. 3. Medical direction by a physician – 2 copies. Personal ambulatory and / or medical documentation certifying the present and past health condition of the individual.

  11. COMMISSION IN NII All documents must be submitted to the relevant territorial unit of the Institute 10 days before the date of entry into selected sanatorium. Application is the "fastest wins" -to the depletion of resources, which usually occurs in October-November.

  12. OBLIGATIONS OF THOSE WHO USE THE NII PROGRAM Every person is obliged to observe a period specified in the certificate of rehabilitation, and to use all the three components of the allowance - four medical procedures, 10 nights and partial funding for meals.Failure to comply with these requirements, the costs are borne by the individual. Upon arrival at the sanatorium, you pass a mandatory medical examination, after which 4 procedures shall be appointed.One day before departure, a medical examination is performed again and there is paperwork reporting.

  13. You can choose among 43 hospitals. All in an area known for its mineral springs. The largest share have the sanatoria for prevention and rehabilitation of disorders of the musculoskeletal system - 63.02%. Next, rank the people who have problems with the peripheral nervous system - 26.32%. Other 2.63% have undergone rehabilitation of the central nervous system. • SANATORIA  "Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recreation" AD NSSI: • Hotel "Druzhba" Bankia; Hotel "Druzhba 2" Bankia; • Hotel "Constantia" Kostenec century; • Hotel "Kalia", Sunny Borovets; • Spa "Stryama" Banya; • Spa "Gergana", Hisar; • Spa "St. Mina" Burgas Mineral Baths; Rest "St. Mina - 2" Burgas Mineral Baths; • Rest "Living Water" complex. Sliven Mineral Baths; • Spa "Velingrad", Velingrad; • Spa "Tintiava" Varshetz; Villa "Tintiava 2" Varshetz; • Hotel "Lilacs" k. Lilacs, Gabrovo; • Climatic spa hotel "Pavelbanya" PavelBanya; • Spa "Zagorje" k. Stara Zagora mineral baths; • Spa "Rose" Strelcha; • Hotel "Zdravets" Teteven; • 'Diana' Hotel, Park Rodopi, Plovdiv and others. .

  14. 40,491 people have taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in the prevention and rehabilitation of the National Insurance Institute (NII) in 2012 • Diseases which sanatorium treatment has a positive effect on are:- The cardiovascular system, incl. thrombophlebitis.- The digestive system.- The genitourinary system.- The nervous system.- The respiratory system.- Bones and muscles.- The endocrine system.- Skin.- Ear, nose and throat. The data show that 99.81% of all people after rehabilitation improved their health.

  15. Quality of life is determined by the quality of your health. You can have all the money in the world, but if you feel tired and exhausted, you can not live your life in full swing.Make a little effort in the right direction and you'll have the most precious treasure - your health!

  16. Thank you for your attention!I am sure you will benefit from the information I offer with great pleasure!VioletaPetrova

  17. Sources used : • 1. Ordinance № 1/13.02.2007 on the use and payment of benefits for prevention and rehabilitation (promulgated, SG. 17 of 23.02.2007, amend., SG. 6 of 2009 pcs . 2 of 2010) • 2. • 3. • 4. My own experience